Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ufo 7 and 8

Tonight they are closing the competition. The competition of picking up old projects and finalise them. Sometime this is what’s needed to get rid of some of our old Ufo’s. It is amazing how some of us quilters start on something and never comes around to get them done. Speaking only for my self, it is easy to always start on something new and leave other projects behind for later. And later becomes for ever….

This weekend I told myself to get busy! I have finished ufo no. 7 and 8. It is to tablecloth I hated to quilt. But now it is done. Puh!

No 7 with the apples will end as a wedding gift for a friend of mine, who got married last weekend. They surprised everyone when baptising their child.

No 8 are a Christmas present (for last year) for a friend. She brings my son to school every morning. But I did not manage to quilt it last year. I got her something else. Well, she did not know about is, still doesn’t. so, I’m going to wrap it, and give it to her this Christmas. It is never to late.


Leah S said...

Nice looking table runners - I like the apples. :)

To answer your question on my blog, most of the 9-patches were made with batiks. The snowball blocks were all made with handdyed fabric.

Each block is 6" finished. The nine patch used 2.5" squares and the snowball blocks used a 6.5" black square with 2.5" handdye squares sewn on the diagonal at each corner.

Hope that helps! And now I have another blog I can add to my list, yay! :)

Ati said...

You have worked very hard.
The quilts are very nice, the persons who get this beauties should be grateful.
Are you also in the fairytale RR next year?