Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ufo 7 and 8

Tonight they are closing the competition. The competition of picking up old projects and finalise them. Sometime this is what’s needed to get rid of some of our old Ufo’s. It is amazing how some of us quilters start on something and never comes around to get them done. Speaking only for my self, it is easy to always start on something new and leave other projects behind for later. And later becomes for ever….

This weekend I told myself to get busy! I have finished ufo no. 7 and 8. It is to tablecloth I hated to quilt. But now it is done. Puh!

No 7 with the apples will end as a wedding gift for a friend of mine, who got married last weekend. They surprised everyone when baptising their child.

No 8 are a Christmas present (for last year) for a friend. She brings my son to school every morning. But I did not manage to quilt it last year. I got her something else. Well, she did not know about is, still doesn’t. so, I’m going to wrap it, and give it to her this Christmas. It is never to late.

Last week
I participated in a course by “Det Norske Veritas” in Kristiansand. I was a 2-day course, meaning I had one night on my own in Kristiansand. I was avare of a nice quilt shop down town, Kreativ Quilt, and I love to meet other quilters. I called them to hear if there were anything happening. And Yes! They were to start a course for newbie’s that evening, but I was welcome to “participate”.
Everybody should make a Christmas tablecloth, containing a lot of easy techniques, including me. I am supposed to know all this and make it in no time. But, No, I have never ever made so many mistakes in one project.
Now it is a source of irritation, but I hope I will finish it before Christmas (this year?) It is a beautiful tablecloth and I want to show you the result.
……is this a commitment?

Monday, October 30, 2006

My summer project

This summer I had an assignment. I was to stitch, by hand, a piece of work for a friend of mine who is mothering an informative internet-site for Quilters. The site is www.Quilteposten.com. The site is in Norwegian, but the pictures are nice for everybody.

I wanted to do some work for her, and we agreed on wall hanging size quilt, of a block called Mayflower. I wanted a block that is easier to do by hand than on machine, and the colours had to be warm.

Another friend of mine had just bought herself an Internet Quilt shop, Kaktus Quilt, and she sponsored the fabric and the final quilting .

This quilt was to be a “small” quilt. Just to show the technique. But it was funny to do, and I had plenty of time, so I decided I wanted it bigger. Now I am an owner of an afghan quilt.

My Mayflower quilt is on display in the Quilt shop in Tananger. But it is also on display at
www.quilteposten.com where you can find the pattern and how too.


I forgot the book. It is an inspiring book.
"The Enclycopedia Of Beading Techniques" by Sara Withers & Stephanie Burnham.
It contained a lot of different beading techniques. I hope for more fabric embellishing. But it is just my imagination that is the limit. The book contained a lot of nice pictures, and how too. It was worth the money.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

New inspiration

I have been in town shopping. I found a book that is a “must” to me. It is about learning more about Bead embroidery, bead embellishment and other stuff regards to beads. This is more inspiratin for making Cracy Quilts and CQ hearts. And soon I’m going to start another group of CQ-RR.
I also love jewellery, and if I can learn how to make it, and find the time to make it, I would save a lot of money on shopping jewellery….LOL.
Red Fabric Swap

This month it was only two participants in the monthly fabric swap in “Stoffbytteklubben”. I don’t know why, maybe people are to busy in the fall?
Anyway, Signe Marie and me we wanted to swap.
This is what I received yesterday from her. Lovely, now I have to figure witch project am gone do, where I can use these lovely pieces of warm red.

Nina In Norway

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ufo 4-6
Last week I had holiday. One week of my summer holiday. First half of the week was spent at the house. I managed to finish 3 of my Ufo’s.

No. 4

Long time ago I bought some lovely batik fabric. I needed a nice purse to go along with a dress. I made one in a hurry for my self to wear. My mum loved it, and I told her I would make her one. (She would not have mine). Well, a promise is a promise, and now it is finally done.

No. 5

Some time ago a attended a quilting class. We were to make a beautiful Val hanging containing purple foxglove (norsk: Revebjelle). Mine became the most ugly one in the class. Reason is; because I choose a lovely background fabric that didn’t match. I don’t know why I finished it. It will never end on a wall in my house. Not even behind a door. But I am proud of my self to have completed it. (But it won’t happen again.)

No. 6

This one was fun. Stitchery is nice. It is something you can bring along wherever you go.
The frame made of pink fabrics if from a Swap at the “Stoffbytteklubben”. This is a nice group. We swap fabric, presents or blocks. I love swapping but I am not good enough to use what I get. I always want to keep it for something special. And this project was special.
I love the result of this one. Looking forward to put it on the wall
…mmmm, maybe it will be a very nice Christmas present for somebody…..

Second half of my vacation week were spent in the mountains. We rented a cabin at Hovden and had some beautiful days. The sun was shining and the temperature was high. It was beautiful. Nature had put on its autumn dress. The colours were stunning. We had some nice walks in the mountains. A trip to the “Badeland” an indoor swimmingpool. And had a lot of good food and vin. No diet this week!
In the pictures you see my DS, DH and Lady

You could rent one of these at the hotel
Outdoor Playroom at the Mountain hotel our cabin belonged to.

Look at the view from the top.

And if you wanted something to eat while walking the mountain offered myrtle whortleberry (blåbær), mountain cranberry (tyttebær) and black crowberry (krekling). Mmmmm……..

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Glenn Andre’s sweater

Finally I came around to finish Glenn Andre’s sweater. It is hand knitted and in the Norwegian Wool yarn “Smart”. Meaning it is machine washable and not itching.
Pattern is from Sandnes garn.
I finished it late yesterday evening, and look who is wearing it this morning.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Treasure Box
Before the summer I signed up for a TreasureBox swap.

We were to make one “box”, and there should be a little something inside. We all received one secret friend to send to, and mine was Heidi. Wanted something Black with bright colours. This is how it turned out:

½ on ½ Swap
Some months ago I signed up for a ½ on ½ Swap.

There where 4 different colour combinations to choose from.
Since I was new to this crazy stuff, I thought, I do one of each.

This is the 4 blocks I sent to Rebecca:

1 Red and Blue + 1 Purple and Pink + 1 Yellow and Green + 1 Black and White

Now, some time later I have had 4 blocks to embellish and embroider. Can’t show you pictures yet. I am not aloud to.
I’ve had one Black/White, one Red/Blue and 2 Pink/Purple. I can’t even tell you from witch country they are from. Then you might understand If I had yours…..

I am dying to show you pictures of the blocks I sent back to Rebecca. But I cant at the moment.

There will also be some kind of a competition. Rebecca is not telling us the whole story. It is like the fairytale are being told as we go along. I am so excited.

I have just e-mailed Rebecca asking for latest news.

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

Sounds frightening! But looks nice.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Nice day

To day I went to the park, to walk the dog. It is a beautiful day.
Finally summer has ended. The weather has been windy and it’s been raining like ….. The air is clean, the ground wet, and you can feel the weather is changing. You know you are alive.

I ended up with a bag full of nuts. Well, when I started to pick, my thought was to plant a few and see if they would grow. And then I thought the rest would be nice in a Christmas decoration. But I can’t use all of these for a decoration. Can I? ...

Is there anybody who has a suggestion what to do with all these nuts? I would be very happy for suggestions. They are too nice and precious to go in the bin!

Nina In Norway

Friday, October 06, 2006

Another million thanks.

This million goes to Beverly in USA.
She is the second one to send (my son) Glenn André (8 years) a stitched heart.
It hit my son right in his heart. Two dragons. One stitched, and the other one to put on a sweater.
The heart contained a Chinese coin. And beautiful green shells and buttons. (he was very sorry one of them were broken in the mail) But, mom can fix almost anything. He loved the heart.

Beverly said in her letter to Glenn Andre she wanted to continue what Maureen started. Give this Art/Craft loving boy in Norway, hearts made of love, from all over the world.

Even the envelope is taken care of. It was stamped with a chine’s sign.
He is so thrilled.

Today I received e-mail from Maureen saying thank you for the drawing Glenn sent. And today a special drawing is on its way to Beverly.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Glenn André receved a new heart yeasterday.
I will be back with info and picture tomorrow.

Round Robin
Lap no.1

Finally I got around to do my centre block.
I wan a couple a weeks ago a pattern for a tablecloth. And I loved the butterflies.

This is my result of a pile of nice fabric and this pattern.

Now it is sent to the next participant in this RR. (My package became too heavy.)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Look what happened.

Yesterday I tried to finish my Crazy Round Robin. I do not know how many times I was interrupted. How annoying! It is still not done.
During my process of running back and forwards to my sewing room my little dog “Lady” saw an opportunity to have a royal rest. Luckily all the needles were in the other end.