Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ufo 4-6
Last week I had holiday. One week of my summer holiday. First half of the week was spent at the house. I managed to finish 3 of my Ufo’s.

No. 4

Long time ago I bought some lovely batik fabric. I needed a nice purse to go along with a dress. I made one in a hurry for my self to wear. My mum loved it, and I told her I would make her one. (She would not have mine). Well, a promise is a promise, and now it is finally done.

No. 5

Some time ago a attended a quilting class. We were to make a beautiful Val hanging containing purple foxglove (norsk: Revebjelle). Mine became the most ugly one in the class. Reason is; because I choose a lovely background fabric that didn’t match. I don’t know why I finished it. It will never end on a wall in my house. Not even behind a door. But I am proud of my self to have completed it. (But it won’t happen again.)

No. 6

This one was fun. Stitchery is nice. It is something you can bring along wherever you go.
The frame made of pink fabrics if from a Swap at the “Stoffbytteklubben”. This is a nice group. We swap fabric, presents or blocks. I love swapping but I am not good enough to use what I get. I always want to keep it for something special. And this project was special.
I love the result of this one. Looking forward to put it on the wall
…mmmm, maybe it will be a very nice Christmas present for somebody…..

Second half of my vacation week were spent in the mountains. We rented a cabin at Hovden and had some beautiful days. The sun was shining and the temperature was high. It was beautiful. Nature had put on its autumn dress. The colours were stunning. We had some nice walks in the mountains. A trip to the “Badeland” an indoor swimmingpool. And had a lot of good food and vin. No diet this week!
In the pictures you see my DS, DH and Lady

You could rent one of these at the hotel
Outdoor Playroom at the Mountain hotel our cabin belonged to.

Look at the view from the top.

And if you wanted something to eat while walking the mountain offered myrtle whortleberry (blåbær), mountain cranberry (tyttebær) and black crowberry (krekling). Mmmmm……..

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Vibeke said...

Fine ting du har laget! Og nydelige høstbilder. Ser ut til at dere hadde en flott tur.
Du er forresten memet, se bloggen min.