Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Color of Joy!
It is done! (a couple of weeks ago..)
Finally I’ve come around to show you all my result of the swap: Color of joy.

I think it turned out pretty nice. I have decided to give it away to Inger. She is the lovely person, who has helped me, to get my son safe to school for 3 years.

I hope she will appreciate abd use it (keep her warm).

Baby Boy (no 1)

Our neighbors got a baby boy. I don’t know when. But it has arrived!
Well, we heard the rumor sometime this winter. I have been looking for some signs ever after. Approximately 2 months ago I saw the belly. Yes! I was so happy for the next door couple. They have been married for …at least ten years… and finally they were blessed with a baby. It came into this world, one day early in May. I have made a blanket for the most wanted baby in the neighborhood.

Monday, May 28, 2007

This is how far we’ve got.
This weekend we have been “working in the garden”. We have been digging a ditch for the main electric cable. It’s been hard work, even though we used a machine. The soil is stuffed with stones, sometimes very big stones. But now it is done. ;o)
These are pictures of the cabin so far.



We hope it will be “usable” this summer.

Friday, May 25, 2007

I’ll never forgive you
if my son turns out to be a quilter!
This is what my DH said to me late yesterday evening, after our son had gone to bed.
For those of you who do not know Glenn Andre, he is 9 years old and loves to create with his hands (and he is good at it!).
Why did my DH say things like that. I believe the picture speaks for itself. ;o)

Glenn is going to be an uncle to a boy late this month, and decided he wanted to make a quilt on his own, for the little baby boy.
The quilt is designed by Glenn, all the pieces are cut out by him. Here you can see he is stitching all the pieces. He’s got 5 days to go…..
I’ll post a picture of the quilt when it is accomplished.

Round Robin
A couple of weeks ago I received back home my RR. It has been on a trip “around the country”, 4 stops including home ;o)

As you all can see it is my “blog-face” who was my center block. And the result is amazing. The way it turned out is just beautiful. It is more than I ever hoped for.
Thanks to all the lovely ladies who are so talented.

I am so lucky to be a part of the Yahoo-group “Stoffbytte- klubben” (swapping of fabric group).
This internet group has given me a lot. New friends, new experience and knowledge. Plus a lot of fabric, projects and piles of swapped blocs. I love it.
I’ll post more later on…..so stop by…..

I am so sorry

for having been absent for over a month.
First I want to thank you all for popping by my blog, even though I did not post anything new for you to enjoy. The last month has been very busy, and I do apologize to you all for not shearing the small stitches I’ve made. ;o)
(I have done a few…)

Now I am going to try justifying a little bit….

This is a picture of our cabin one month ago. It has been hard work, but we love it. My hands have been dirty into late evenings for weeks now. I’ll try to post a new nice picture of the cabin next week. We have come far in one month ;o)