Saturday, September 08, 2007

Flower swap
Flowers made in bright colours on black backgournd.
These are the result of the swap hosted at "Stoffbytteklubben". I wonder how I'll uste these blocks.
I need to think about this......

Adrian’s Quilt
I have started on a quilt to our grandson.
I need some stitching in the car on our way to the cabin. Cant stitch on our way back home. Hands are dirty.
Anyway, I need to get it done. He is out of the hospitable and they (the parents) are planning the baptising.

Idea is to keep it in the same colours as the “Winnie the Pooh” quilt he’s already got.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Friends with Hearts
Some days ago one friend within the quilt community here in Norway, were speaking to other quilting friends on the internet. During this chat, she became aware of “one of us” had had a heart operation. The same lady also wanted to make herself a Heart quilt in red and white.
What would a quilting friend do in a situation like this? Yes you got it right.
She sent out an e-mail to each and every one of us she had the private address to, asking if we would like to participate in this “Friends of Heart action”, and pass this email out to everybody who knows her, without disclose the secret.
Of course I wanted to join. I started immediately to make my tribute to Sigrid. We didn’t sign up. We just got ahead and did it!

The mailing date was set to August 30. (One week would be enough) The thought were to fill her mailbox with hearts without spoiling the surprise up front. My hearts for her left Thursday 30 as planned.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I am picking up on Susan's advice.
Next is to get it to the sidebar…..
.....and why did it not start at 1001, or in the colors I wanted?....
OK. I have tried to get it right (thansk for your advise Ati), but there is nowere I can get the right code. This is the only one I get. And it seams impossible to get hold of any help at their site.
Second of third hmmmmrrrfffff......
Coming home.
Finally, it seems like the baby is coming home.

Remember I told you all I had become a “granny”. The baby is now more than 3 months old, and at last the doctors believe he is fit to come home.
The boy was borne on Mai 30 (just one day early). Everything was perfect. He was and still is a lovely, good looking boy.
The first night he became cold, very cold. Result was to keep him in an incubator. They kept him there for weeks. The poor baby and his parent even had to go to another hospital in ambulance plane for some tests. It has been some terrible months. After some weeks DH’s DD was allowed to carry him around inside the hospital.
It was something wrong with his lungs. Hi should not cry! Hi might not survive.
Glenn found it funny that Adrian was connected to a remote control by cable. Even his remote car did not have a wire.
Good news is:
Now, the doctors finally are talking about sending mother and son home! May be this week!
(And the bad news is: )
Suddenly I realized we might be approaching the baptismal day very soon. It has always been my intentions to give all the newborn babies in the family a big quilt as a gift on the baptism day.

I have started on Adrian’s quilt…… …..hoping I’ll get it done before “The Day”.

The date is not settled yet……
I've been asked how we do in the process of building our cabin.

We are almost there….
….. we have started to get some furniture. It is possible to stay there, but we have not received our “permission” from the local government to use it yet. But soon….
In the meantime I can show you some pictures.

This is our bedroom in the attic.

Furniture is on its way.

My DH during a coffe break.

Out side is almost done.

Wood burning stove in the living room. Can you feel the heat? Mmmm……
We do so much look forward to spend time relaxing in the cabin.
And if you happen to be in the area pls come and visitt.


Time flies, and in your head you are sure you have done it, in real life you’ve not.
This is just what happened to me.
I was sure I had shown you the results of my received blocs form the DYB-group. They are gorgeous and here they are:

No 1
Wilma, in the Nederland

No 2
Helina in Finland

No 3
Ati in Norway

No 4
Cobi in the Netherlands

No 5
Susie in United Kingdom

They are just beautiful. I do look forward to “next year” when I’ve finished university and do have the time to stitch. Then I’ll do my own and assembly the DYB-quilt.

Not too busy
I have decided to continue blogging! ;o)
Thank you all for the lovely comments regarding my question. They made me change my mind.
I’ll always find the time for my friends.
And yes, it’ll be a hectic semester, but I do work best while under pressure.

Anyway, I just got the message I am going to Birmingham for 2 weeks. (Without my computer, Help!)
I am leaving on upcoming Sunday. I need to fill my suitcase with a lot of hand-stitching. Believe I’ll bring some fabric cutting too. Wonder if there is anything Quilt-related to do in Birmingham when the expo has ended? Anybody know?