Friday, October 06, 2006

Another million thanks.

This million goes to Beverly in USA.
She is the second one to send (my son) Glenn André (8 years) a stitched heart.
It hit my son right in his heart. Two dragons. One stitched, and the other one to put on a sweater.
The heart contained a Chinese coin. And beautiful green shells and buttons. (he was very sorry one of them were broken in the mail) But, mom can fix almost anything. He loved the heart.

Beverly said in her letter to Glenn Andre she wanted to continue what Maureen started. Give this Art/Craft loving boy in Norway, hearts made of love, from all over the world.

Even the envelope is taken care of. It was stamped with a chine’s sign.
He is so thrilled.

Today I received e-mail from Maureen saying thank you for the drawing Glenn sent. And today a special drawing is on its way to Beverly.

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Susan said...

That is just a lovely heart! What a nice thing for people to do. Andre must be very special.