Monday, October 16, 2006

½ on ½ Swap
Some months ago I signed up for a ½ on ½ Swap.

There where 4 different colour combinations to choose from.
Since I was new to this crazy stuff, I thought, I do one of each.

This is the 4 blocks I sent to Rebecca:

1 Red and Blue + 1 Purple and Pink + 1 Yellow and Green + 1 Black and White

Now, some time later I have had 4 blocks to embellish and embroider. Can’t show you pictures yet. I am not aloud to.
I’ve had one Black/White, one Red/Blue and 2 Pink/Purple. I can’t even tell you from witch country they are from. Then you might understand If I had yours…..

I am dying to show you pictures of the blocks I sent back to Rebecca. But I cant at the moment.

There will also be some kind of a competition. Rebecca is not telling us the whole story. It is like the fairytale are being told as we go along. I am so excited.

I have just e-mailed Rebecca asking for latest news.

1 comment:

Rainegade said...

I just found your website. Now that the 1/2 and 1/2's are in I wanted you to know that I embellished your black and white block.

At first I was in a panic, the colors were different for me to work with. Then set the block aside and thought about it. It was my favorite block to do so I hope you get it sent back to you to enjoy.