Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Time flies
There are no excuses for me not bloging. Especially when I have committed to several activities on the Internet that needs blogging.
My life has been on standby, but unfortunately, time did not.

And yes! I do feel guilty and do have a bad conscience.
I have received the most beautiful handembroidered postcard from my seacret angel. It is adorable. Thank you so much.
And I received my Friendship bag witch included delicious cookies. I loved everything about it.

I have done some stitching, unfortunally I cant show you all. But someting I can. I’ll post pictures later tonight when the batteries to my camera are recharged.

What I can show you now, is my Kaffe Fasett Quilt that I completed this month. Liz at Kaktus Quilt did a great job and quilted it on her longarmmachine so it was done and presented at the gathering where the designer him self gave a speech.

This is my OPAM for September. To morrow I might show you next months project. Just kidding...

Friday, September 04, 2009


results in 3 gifts + one extra for those who told about my Giveaway at their own blog.
And the winners are.....

One second...
This has been so exciting. I know from my own experience that you find nice blog’s around the Internet by surfing from one blog to another. It gives you a lot of inspiration and ideas. And by doing this I hope I’ve made my self a lot of new friends and that you all will come back to visit, and that my blog can bring you candy for your eyes and inspiration for your hands and heart. You are certainly my source of the kind.

One second gone... :o)

Thanks to all of you who bothered to comment, and to all of you that didn’t.
You are all welcome back.

And the winners are:
And the extra goes to:

Congratulations. Thank you for participating!
This has been so much fun, and it isn’t over yet. Now I am of to purchase surprises’ in Pink, Offwhite and in a varaiety of autumcolours.
Next: I need snailmailadresses :o)

I need to do this more often, and soon it will be Christmas. Just 112 days to go.
And then I came across a beautiful giveaway.
Go check it out at No matter where i go...

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Finally my calendar says September. Weather has been like autumn for weeks now. It’s been an odd summer this year. Now it is really September and we can all enjoy sewing, not feeling guilty for doing so. During summer it is not appropriate to hide out in the sewing room.

Today is the set date for my Giveaway. I’ll give it today as well, for signing up. And then, tomorrow, I’ll do the counting on how many…..
Stay tuned :o)

Siw Hege is having a lovely giveaway. Pop over and join in.