Monday, August 31, 2009

OPAM – August

I managed to reach the goal for this month as well. I have to admit it is a struggle every month. All I’m into now a day are a secret. I’m preparing my contributions to the swaps I’ve joined this fall. I love secrets, but I am sorry, I can’t show you my work, not yet :o)

But I managed 1 completed project this month as well. Perhaps some of you girls recognise some of the blocs. It is the result of a block-swap at Stoffbytteklubben. It turned out pretty nice in my opinion.

I have also received my 2.5” pieces from another swap. Aren’t they just lovely? I can’t wait for the day to come, when I can play with them in combination with my sewing machine. Wonder what they’ll transform into?

Close to closing day for the sign up, regarding my giveaway. I’m so happy I got new friends by doing this. I was pretty surprised on all the foreign bloggers who found the way to my blog. I love you all.
Soon I’ll do the counting on how many prizes I’ll draw, looking forward to do the announcing of the winners. And then to do the purchasing of the prizes so they fit the recipients. It is just like Christmas :o)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Status Giveaway ond other work

One week has gone after I posted my anniversary and the appurtenant giveaway.

I got 19 comments so far. I am so thrilled. A couple of more entries and the numbers of winning prizes will increase.
If this continue during the next weeks there will be some nice goodies going to some happy winners next month. I am amused by the variety of choices among the ladies who has entered. That is so inspiring.

Keep coming forward. I love preparing presents.

In the meantime while I wait for the drawing to approach, I am onto some stitching.
My Kaffe Fasett top is completed and is handed in to be quilted at Kaktus Quilts. Can’t wait to get I back.

I have also prepared some small bags for a fabric swap, just like candy,

the block-lottery blocks in connection with Vestlandstreffet are complete,

(picture coming tonight, I hope)
a block-swap-quilt has been quilted, and it is in the need for binding,
(tell you all next time)

and a stitchery motif is almost completed (future surprise, cant show you...).

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

3 year anniversary

29. August will be my 3 year of blogging? Who would imagine that I would continue to do this for so long? And still want to proceed. I love to tell about my quilting life, getting inspiration from others and making new friends. And yes, I’ve made bonds with a lot of you. Don’t let me down this time! Old and new friends, please enter!

To celebrate this event I’ll perform a giveaway. I can’t tell you all what the price is, because that’s what you are going to do.

Leave a comment telling me what color range or witch production you would prefer. For each 20 different quilting bloggers who enters I’ll draw one price. Meaning prize list could be huge. Not quite :o) Signing up limit is set to September 1.

Then the prizes will be purchased.

(For those of you who tell about it on your own blog (and tell me) there will be another chance of winning, separate drawing)

Oh, I love this. Come along and tell me what you’d prefer! (If you don’t I’ll check your blog.)
Friendship Bag Swap

I was tempted by Synnøve to join the Friendship Bag Swap over at the Quilting Gallery. If you check out her blog and her first try to make the bag, it is gorgeous and I figured if I joined this I would be in the position of owning more than one homemade handbag. Made by me, and others. A challenge I could not resist.
Just cant wait to fill this bag with goodies. That's the best bart of it.

It is a kind of a secret everything I do at the time. Meaning it is autumn ahead. It always starts with new clean paper sheets and new crayons in the fall.
I’m in, I love these swaps!
..... from now of I'll be blogging in bigger letters :o)
How doe's it looks....?

Sunday, August 02, 2009


Look what I received! Another award.

It warms a quilter’s heart during the rainy days of summer.
One thousand thanks to Drømmequilten for granting me this one and it goes straight back to you. Your blog is eye candy to me.
And other blogs who goes in the same category are:

..... I could go on forever. But this'll do for now (card said 12)

Happy stitching.