Monday, October 30, 2006

My summer project

This summer I had an assignment. I was to stitch, by hand, a piece of work for a friend of mine who is mothering an informative internet-site for Quilters. The site is The site is in Norwegian, but the pictures are nice for everybody.

I wanted to do some work for her, and we agreed on wall hanging size quilt, of a block called Mayflower. I wanted a block that is easier to do by hand than on machine, and the colours had to be warm.

Another friend of mine had just bought herself an Internet Quilt shop, Kaktus Quilt, and she sponsored the fabric and the final quilting .

This quilt was to be a “small” quilt. Just to show the technique. But it was funny to do, and I had plenty of time, so I decided I wanted it bigger. Now I am an owner of an afghan quilt.

My Mayflower quilt is on display in the Quilt shop in Tananger. But it is also on display at where you can find the pattern and how too.

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