Monday, March 19, 2007

My weekend at Hell.
Yes, that right, I’ve been at Hell.
Hell is the name of the community outside the Norwegian town Trondheim. It was at the Rica Hell Hotel the yearly meeting/happening of the Norwegian quilt association were held.
Is has been a wonderful weekend. Exhibitions, shops, food, wine, old friends, new friewns, , classes, show and tell. Not rated in that particular line of order, but it sure was busy and fun. I loved it.
It is also nice to get a face to go with the names I know from the internet quilting lists.

I attended 2 classes of sewing. Both classes were a 3 hours class of sewing by hand (didn’t want to carry my sewing machine). Not much time to make a big quilt, but the intention was to learn something new and t6 be social…And I achieved my intentions.

First calss i attende where a stichery class. I finaly menaged to do some french knots :-)

Second class was “Sewing over paper”. It is a lovely way of sewing by hand. You can bring it everywhere. Well it is not a new technique for me. I do have some WISP’s in this technique. (I have told you about one of them......)

Do you remember another one of my posts published about a block lottery? I entered the lottery with 5 Honey Bee blocks, and became a lucky winner of 20 blocks to make a whole blanket! Yeah! And the funny is: all of my 5 blocks came home again.
Pic on its way....

Is there anybody who knows of a nice way of assembly all these blocks into a nice quilt? The colors are interesting, and just sewing the blocks together will be boring and not do all of these nice blocks any justice. I will appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

I promised my self no shopping and I managed to keep my promise!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

During a job of cleaning, rearranging and sorting some of my old stuff, .....and starting a new project, I came across a piece of fabric that caught my attention.
I have never before seen anything like this. I know you might use fabric the wrong side out. (Depending on the fabric). But this is different. There are actually two different prints on this little piece of fabric. It is reversible!
Is there anybody out there who could tell me some more about this phenomenon?

Friday, March 09, 2007

What have I been up to lately?

Well, I got my self a new job, part-time, and that takes time. Then I got myself a second “job”, which means even more time out of my sewing room. (Luckily this job is in a quilt shop. If you are curious have a peek at: )

And then we have the “cabin”. This is how far we got…..Now we are waiting ........

I have not done mutch sewing lately, but I do pick up the needle now and then…..
I’ll give you some hunches…….


Stars and stripes……

These are both WISP’s I have picked up lately...

Warm and cosy….(I just had to…)

....and brum-brum.....

And then I am preparing for my trip to Trondheim. Oh! I look forward to a weekend doing stitchery classes, shopping, exhibitions, meeting friends, new and old. Quilt, Quilt, Quilt!
Just 2 weeks of waiting.

Oh, and I almost forgot.

I have recieve a postcard from Torbjørg and 3 nice ATC's from Jeannina. Thanks to both of you.