Monday, January 29, 2007

1x1” Charm Swap LARGE group.
Yahoo list “Surface Design” launched a large group of Swapping Charms. 25 participants. Yes, 25. Why not. This is so much fun.
These are mad of painted fusible web, hand painted yarn, some silk, something I even do not know what is… and painted. And of course they are stitched….
All of these have gotten an eyelet. It was the only rule to this swap.

Now they are of to US, UK and Australia.
Those in return have already started to arrive (6 so far).

Siggie Swap
Cynthia have now published the rules for a siggie swap among internet bloggers. Along with May Brit they have arrangetd this friends-making swap. If you want to join us visit Cynthia's blog here and sign up.
I'll get started today and see if can make one block and picture it for you. You know as a bait. LOL
Colour of Joy in progress.
This weekend I manage to stitch together the blocks for this quilt. Mine is needed a bit bigger then the pattern. Bed size: 1 1/2 person….
Anyway now I need to sort out all the circles and border.
Stay tuned…..

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Do Your Block Round Robin.
Today I signed up for a DYB RR.
I only got one lap to go on the RR I’m in. It will arrive in a few days, and afterwards “I’m out of work”. LOL
DYB is a kind of Round Robin. We all make blocks (crazy quilt) 6x6” in the number of participants in the group (6 members). Then we send all 6 of to next lady. She pick one, embellish it and send the whole package of the second lady. She chooses another one etc.
Finally, everybody receive a package of 5 embellished blocks, and then you have to do one of your own blocks. The last one to complete the RR.
I believe it will start in March. Therefore I got plenty of time to prepare….I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Baggie from Carmela, Israel.

I love the baggie you sent to me. It is gorgeous.The piece of Beduin Embrodery is to die for. Wonder if she did it herself? It is too precious to be used….
And all that lace. They are so nice.
And all the tread. The colours are so nice. I just can’t wait to use them. And everything match perfect to the fabrics. So does all the beads and buttons. I need to make myself something special from this baggie.

Thank you Carmela. I love it all.

Winter came around.

4 days ago we had autumn: rain and wind, typical "to be inside the house" weather.
3 days ago we had spring: sunshine, no wind, and warm (10 above Celsius), you could even spot signs of spring in the nature. A kind of "got to get outside" weather.
2 days ago winter came around. Cold, snowing and "almost" no wind. It looked like a Christmas card on the outside. The children were thrilled.
Yesterday were beautiful. I went for a walk with my dog and took along my camera. Just want to shear some of the moments of yesterday with you.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What have I been up to the last week?

I have cut pieces to my BOM Tannenbaum. It was boring, but it needed to be done.

I have sewn all of my “Colour of joy” squares to a strip of black, and cut them accurate. Now I need to finish my “design wall”.

I have played with my baggie from Maire. I will not show you anything yet. ......Later.....

I have started the process of making some of my 1”x 1” Chams. This is fun, and frustrating. It seam I am finally getting the grip of the tiny eyelets. I need a box of “almost ready” charms, as an “on the go” project.

I have also made 5 blocks that only need the hand appliqué. It is another “on the go” project.

(I need something for my upcoming trip. 5 hours of train, and then at least 5 hours drive back home.)

And then I did start another on the go project. It is now completed and in use: My hand knitted scarf from the yarn I told you about last time. Just couldn’t stop.

I need my new scarf. Winter finally came around. It has been several degrees below Celsius, and the snow is beautiful. (Hoping the spring flowers will survive….)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

No buying fabric

I have added A peach in stitches badge for no buying fabric in january. I know we will soon enter February, but I have been doing good and not bought any fabric this month. My intentin is to reduse my stash :-).
........But if I spend all this time trying to get the badge showing on my blog, there will be no time stitching. I have now given up the posting of this :-( ........
Anyway. I will keep my prommise of not bying fabric.

Monday, January 15, 2007

-a pay it forward game
I just picked up a meme at SuZ Stuff
"Quote"Arty Meme
The Arty Meme is a chance to have a piece of needle art from a fellow needlewoman! The idea is to offer 5 pieces of your work on your blog. The first 5 people to ask for your work will get one of the pieces. Her obligation to the Meme is that she must then announce the meme on her blog and offer 5 of her pieces to others. The exchange of artwork continues . . . Mediums, methods, execution; deadlines are up to the offering needlewoman! Have fun
Soooooo....the first 5 comment responses will receive from me a Crazy Quilt Postcard

Baggie from Maire, USA
In the CrazyQuiltInternationalSwap

The biggest envelope with goodies arrived in the mail today. Of course I opened it and started to Wow! and Oh! and Gosh! and ...... I have never ever received a baggie like this! It is too much! It is what I hoped for, and even more.

Then I realised I had to drag myself away from all the goodies and turn on the computer. I knew I had to send a thank you mail now, otherwise it might go days before I would be back into society and be able to say:

Thank You Maire!

Then I had to post a picture for the other girls in the group. I even figured I needed to blog this event. All these swaps have, and will become, a big part of my creative life.

I told myself when this started I would make “something” from each package. This one will certainly become more than one project. To start with I am thinking of a “Travel Case” for my “on the go tools”.

I am the luckiest girl today. And I am going to enjoy this baggie for a long time.

This is enough for now. I am on my way to dive into my baggie again. See you soon.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

2007 …..

What will this year bring?
I thought about it, and figured it is up to me to tell about my goals and hopes to for the year 2007. And I know it will change during my active life. I always forget about something, and new issues occurs. But for now……

I hope it will be a good year for everybody. Both sewing and health wise!

My goals, in my sewing department of life, are to finish some of my WISP’s.
I will complete the entire pile of project I’ve already started for this year. I am into a few international swaps that go thru the whole year, + a sane quilt RR and a BOM. I need to be proud of what I do. Nothing quickly made just to have done it.
Another goal of mine is to “clean out” the “surface” of my sewing room before I start on something new. (Except I need to make a baby-boy-quilt before the end of May. I have not started this quilt yet, but my DH is going to be a granddad, therefore I have to……)
Another goal for this year is not to buy fabric unless I really need to, in order to accomplish a quilt (or swap). The thought is to reduce my stash……

Somebody asked me if I could post a picture of the “Colour of Joy” quilt.

Design: Marianne Nesse, Photo: Bente Wold Klausen.

I have started to make the blocks. Now I need a design wall……

What else I have been up to during the last week:


Step 2: 5 blocks of O' Tannenbaum

(dont ask about step 1....)

Pink disaster

I tried something new. It looks kind of great, but if you “use” it, it vill break. Lol.

Charms/Painting on fabric
I have tried something else as well. I have painted on fusible web. I am not sure it worked the way I wanted it, but we will see…..

Sorry. Did not manage to shoot any usable pictures....

Doing something confident…..

Crazy Quilt
See if I can learn some more. I believe it was Herringbone stitch last week?

Swaps: Ribbons and Yarn
I got two packages in the mail last week.

I just had to go shopping. Needed some more yarn to go with the ones I got in the mail last week. Just love the colours….. I do not know what they will become yet....

As you all can see, my days are filled with joy. I love my life. At the moment I am unemployed and busy, but sooner or later I will be working again. Then I can’t spend “all my time” stitching….

Another goal of mine is to post my stitching, in my blog, once a week. I will visit all the other bloggs I know of, once a week. And I will leave comments! I love to give and get comments.

In the meantime I wish you all the very bets. Take care!

Monday, January 08, 2007

6 wierd things about me.....
Rouls are:
* Tell 6 wierd things about yourself.
* Tagg 6 persons, leaving a masseage in theyr blogg telling you tagged them and they now have to visitt yours.
* These rouls are to be reproduce by the person who's been tagged......
6 wierd things about me.....
1. I like blogging, but dislikes to be tagged.
2. I love all my hobbies, but cant seam to get enough.
3. I whish I could lose some weight, but I love chocolate.
4. I know I have to move my body to exercise. Stitching would not do the trick....
5. I love staying up late, but I hate to get up early in the morning (witch I have to...)
6. I am like a squirrel. I by stuff, hide it, and knowing it will becom stuffing/isolation for the house.
Challinging:- Gunnel- Ati- Joice- Katja- Maureen- May Brit- Wendy
Good luck!!!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Colour of Joy

I have signed up for a swap of squares for a quilt called ”Fargeglede”. It was posted on a quilt magazine here in Norway this summer. I loved it. Therefore I signed up. And now I have done my part of the cutting. All these bits where mailed today. Then I figured I needed black fabric for this quilt. Where did I go? I went shopping. It is such a good feeling when something is done. Now the fabric is in the washing machine and will be ready for use when the rest of the squares start to enter my desk.

Monday, January 01, 2007


I have made my self a bucket of flowers.
These are for my Crazy Quilt department. It is a start. But now my thumb hurt. I can just do a few of them and then I realise why I don’t do crochet anymore. Luckely I don’t have to make a big pile of these and turn them into a bed cover. LOL. It is just a kind of lace for my CQ’s.

Happy New Hear to everyone!
To all of you who read my blog, I wish you a peaceful New Year!
May the new year bring us all health, happiness and prosperity!

Better late than never…….
I finished another Christmas present! This turned out to become a Wall Hanging for my parents house. The idea was it should become a table cloth for the terraces table at the cabin. Well, it will even be nicer in the entrance hall next to a red lamp.
This top I started some years ago. It was a course names Yellow/Blue, and as you can see I never do as I am told. Wrong colours and size. Anyway, I am very pleases whit how it turned out. Another WISP done