Sunday, October 08, 2006

Nice day

To day I went to the park, to walk the dog. It is a beautiful day.
Finally summer has ended. The weather has been windy and it’s been raining like ….. The air is clean, the ground wet, and you can feel the weather is changing. You know you are alive.

I ended up with a bag full of nuts. Well, when I started to pick, my thought was to plant a few and see if they would grow. And then I thought the rest would be nice in a Christmas decoration. But I can’t use all of these for a decoration. Can I? ...

Is there anybody who has a suggestion what to do with all these nuts? I would be very happy for suggestions. They are too nice and precious to go in the bin!

Nina In Norway


Sølvi said...

Chestnuts? - Kastanjer?
Lim dem tett i tett på en krans til å henge på døra. Har sett vanige hasselnøtter på den måten, nydelig

Jonh Neo said...

Hi Nina, I want to introduce you to