Monday, January 01, 2007


I have made my self a bucket of flowers.
These are for my Crazy Quilt department. It is a start. But now my thumb hurt. I can just do a few of them and then I realise why I don’t do crochet anymore. Luckely I don’t have to make a big pile of these and turn them into a bed cover. LOL. It is just a kind of lace for my CQ’s.


Ati. said...

Hi Nina they are lovely. You gave me a good idea! Thanks.

Charlene said...

A lovely bucket of flowers they are! I would love to be able to crochet in this fine, delicate way. One of my goals for this new year!

Virginia said...


Thank you for your nice comment in my blog! I am a fan of yours!

Happy new year!

Susan said...

Yours look so much better than mine! You must have a better pattern. =) These look wonderful!