Monday, January 15, 2007

-a pay it forward game
I just picked up a meme at SuZ Stuff
"Quote"Arty Meme
The Arty Meme is a chance to have a piece of needle art from a fellow needlewoman! The idea is to offer 5 pieces of your work on your blog. The first 5 people to ask for your work will get one of the pieces. Her obligation to the Meme is that she must then announce the meme on her blog and offer 5 of her pieces to others. The exchange of artwork continues . . . Mediums, methods, execution; deadlines are up to the offering needlewoman! Have fun
Soooooo....the first 5 comment responses will receive from me a Crazy Quilt Postcard


A Stitch In Time said...

Hi Nina,
I want one and i will offer 5 ATC's for whoever contacts me.Oh and by the way i did the 6 weird things about me as well.


Susan said...

Nina, I would have loved doing this, but I posted it before Christmas on my blog, and I'm still working on my pieces. =(

Sara said...

Darn, I really would love to do this - but, I am in the middle of some major changes...and don't know when I'd have the time...