Monday, January 29, 2007

1x1” Charm Swap LARGE group.
Yahoo list “Surface Design” launched a large group of Swapping Charms. 25 participants. Yes, 25. Why not. This is so much fun.
These are mad of painted fusible web, hand painted yarn, some silk, something I even do not know what is… and painted. And of course they are stitched….
All of these have gotten an eyelet. It was the only rule to this swap.

Now they are of to US, UK and Australia.
Those in return have already started to arrive (6 so far).


Susan said...

Wow, I'm impressed anyone could make something so small look so pretty! What will you do with the ones you receive?

Joanna van said...

Those are great charms Nina...also that quilt is beautiful. I love all the bold colors right up my alley!

Shelina said...

I think these tiny charms are amazing. Very pretty. What do you plan to do with them when you receive your set?