Wednesday, January 10, 2007

2007 …..

What will this year bring?
I thought about it, and figured it is up to me to tell about my goals and hopes to for the year 2007. And I know it will change during my active life. I always forget about something, and new issues occurs. But for now……

I hope it will be a good year for everybody. Both sewing and health wise!

My goals, in my sewing department of life, are to finish some of my WISP’s.
I will complete the entire pile of project I’ve already started for this year. I am into a few international swaps that go thru the whole year, + a sane quilt RR and a BOM. I need to be proud of what I do. Nothing quickly made just to have done it.
Another goal of mine is to “clean out” the “surface” of my sewing room before I start on something new. (Except I need to make a baby-boy-quilt before the end of May. I have not started this quilt yet, but my DH is going to be a granddad, therefore I have to……)
Another goal for this year is not to buy fabric unless I really need to, in order to accomplish a quilt (or swap). The thought is to reduce my stash……

Somebody asked me if I could post a picture of the “Colour of Joy” quilt.

Design: Marianne Nesse, Photo: Bente Wold Klausen.

I have started to make the blocks. Now I need a design wall……

What else I have been up to during the last week:


Step 2: 5 blocks of O' Tannenbaum

(dont ask about step 1....)

Pink disaster

I tried something new. It looks kind of great, but if you “use” it, it vill break. Lol.

Charms/Painting on fabric
I have tried something else as well. I have painted on fusible web. I am not sure it worked the way I wanted it, but we will see…..

Sorry. Did not manage to shoot any usable pictures....

Doing something confident…..

Crazy Quilt
See if I can learn some more. I believe it was Herringbone stitch last week?

Swaps: Ribbons and Yarn
I got two packages in the mail last week.

I just had to go shopping. Needed some more yarn to go with the ones I got in the mail last week. Just love the colours….. I do not know what they will become yet....

As you all can see, my days are filled with joy. I love my life. At the moment I am unemployed and busy, but sooner or later I will be working again. Then I can’t spend “all my time” stitching….

Another goal of mine is to post my stitching, in my blog, once a week. I will visit all the other bloggs I know of, once a week. And I will leave comments! I love to give and get comments.

In the meantime I wish you all the very bets. Take care!


Ati. said...

Hi , like you, I don't like this tag things, the same questions have been in blogs for 6 months ago, so who shall I tag?
I like the color-quilt. Did you now that I followed a whole day workshop at Bente Vold Klaussen in Holland years ago. I have made two little quilt from that. Typical Bente style,I will send a photo to you. Love your knitting wool.

Sue B said...

Love that snowman sketch - too funny! and those swap piles - yummy. Whatever you use those yarns for will be wonderful, such great colors and textures in those.

Shelina said...

You have some good goals there Nina. I especially like the one about cleaning your surface area between projects. That is something I should be doing as well. Good luck on your goals, and I look forward to seeing what you accomplish this year.

A Stitch In Time said...

Hi Nina,
I love your pink disaster.I would try gluing it down on a burgundy piece of fabric with some tacky glue or stitchless glue.Then hand stitch it down some more with dark burgundy thread.Its gorgeous add some beads after and some jewelry pieces.


Sara said...

Oh,lots of eye candy on your blog today! The BOM is really the colors and the way it is turning out.

WOW on your crazy quilting block...those colors just pop! And, that green button...yeah...I like it...

Love the yarns you showed...very'll have a lot of fun with those...

Gail said...

You have been busy and looks like you have some good goals. Your yarns are lovely, it will be fun to see what your up to.

Susan said...

Wow, what an action-packed post! Your goals sound good - worthwhile and achievable, both. Yes, stitch all you can, while you can!

I love the way the Tannebaum blocks are looking. That's going to be so beautiful! The color blocks will, too. One quick and easy design wall is to find a plastic table cloth which has a flannel backing. Hang it on a wall with the flannel part out, and it will make a nice surface (if the wall behind is flat - otherwise, you have to pin.)

I also just put up foam core (which is like styrofoam cups stuff, kind of) and cover it with cotton batting - needs to be cotton, not poly, but brand or quality doesn't matter. That's good for keeping designs, too. Here in the trailer, Paul put up a little one for me with those clips that hold the rectangular mirrors. I'll send you pics.

I love your crazy block, too! The pink disaster looks interesting. =) Was it going to be a postcard? Your swap packages look grand!

Pam said...

The Colour of Joy is a beautiful quilt. I can see why you want to make it. Good luck with all your goals for 2007. Happy New Year to you!

Candi Harris said...

Wow Nina, your goals sound so much like mine! I'm determined to get some of those UFO's out of the closet and finish them. It seems this time of year my goals are just to stay on task! lol

Mandy said...

Hi Nina,
I am so glad that you got your package I am sorry I haven't stopped byy sooner. I can not wait to see what you come up with!! I enjoy you blog!! Happy crafting!

kweaver said...

I cannot take my eyes off of the emboidery on your crazy quilt. Beautiful!