Monday, January 15, 2007

Baggie from Maire, USA
In the CrazyQuiltInternationalSwap

The biggest envelope with goodies arrived in the mail today. Of course I opened it and started to Wow! and Oh! and Gosh! and ...... I have never ever received a baggie like this! It is too much! It is what I hoped for, and even more.

Then I realised I had to drag myself away from all the goodies and turn on the computer. I knew I had to send a thank you mail now, otherwise it might go days before I would be back into society and be able to say:

Thank You Maire!

Then I had to post a picture for the other girls in the group. I even figured I needed to blog this event. All these swaps have, and will become, a big part of my creative life.

I told myself when this started I would make “something” from each package. This one will certainly become more than one project. To start with I am thinking of a “Travel Case” for my “on the go tools”.

I am the luckiest girl today. And I am going to enjoy this baggie for a long time.

This is enough for now. I am on my way to dive into my baggie again. See you soon.


Susan said...

That is one fabulous baggie! You must like pink. =) You'll have fun things to play with for quite a while!

crazyQstitcher said...

What a great baggie. Isn't it wonderful to view and play with these lovely bits of lace and pics etc.

You'll get a lot of enjoyment using them.