Sunday, January 28, 2007

Do Your Block Round Robin.
Today I signed up for a DYB RR.
I only got one lap to go on the RR I’m in. It will arrive in a few days, and afterwards “I’m out of work”. LOL
DYB is a kind of Round Robin. We all make blocks (crazy quilt) 6x6” in the number of participants in the group (6 members). Then we send all 6 of to next lady. She pick one, embellish it and send the whole package of the second lady. She chooses another one etc.
Finally, everybody receive a package of 5 embellished blocks, and then you have to do one of your own blocks. The last one to complete the RR.
I believe it will start in March. Therefore I got plenty of time to prepare….I will keep you posted.

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