Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Yes, Yes, Yes
Finally, I received my books. Oh. I’ve been looking forward to this. I’ve been waiting for so long I almost forgot about them. LOL.

  • Treasure of Crazy Quilt Stitches - by Carole Samlpes
  • The Crazy Quilt Handbook - by Judith Baker Montano
  • An Encyclopedia of Crazy Quilt Stitches adn Motifs - by Linda Causee

    OK there will not be any sewing tonight; I will be reading, tomorrow as well. The weekend is set of to do something total different than sewing. But Monday I will try everything in the books. And I’ve just been out shopping silk ribbons and new tread. Yes!


Ati said...

You will love them. I use two of them and they are so good to have.
Carole's book has so many, you have enough for a lifetime. LOL

sue b said...

There are few things better than a new stack of books!

Rissa said...

You have some of the best there. I just adore Carole Samples book. :)

Gunnels blog said...

Visst är det kul med nya böcker! Jag har svårare att låta bli att köpa det, än tyger!

Ribbonwiz said...

Good choice of books Nina
Carole's book is great!

Susan said...

I use Carole's book constantly - it's so well worn, I'm about ready for a new copy! I bought her templates, too, and they really help me stay even.

Gerry said...

OH, you have my favorite books! I hope you enjoy them to pieces!