Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Sandie has invited, and I signed up for a UFO/WISP Challenge 2007
(UnFinished Objects or Works In Slow Progress.)

Its a low stress fun way of finishing some of the projects that I have started.

The funny thing is I am not alone into this challenge. It is always nice working together. And here you can visit the others.

The reasons, why I have many unfinished projects are several. One reason is time. Another one is I have become impatient or bored with my work. The most common reason would be that I have started other projects. I love something new.
Anyway, when I look at them, or think of them, I know, I just can’t throw them in the bin or give them away. Once I loved them (I think I still do), and it would have been nice to finish them. Therefore I have promised my self to try to complete as many as possible of my UFO/WISP’s during the year 2007.

I am also aware of that we, (my DH and I) are going to build a new cabin this summer. (The old one burned down last winter) I know it is time-consuming to build something, but the cabin needs new quilts! At least one for each bed…..

I have not shown you any of my WISP’s. I am not proud of myself throwing these away into a corner, behind something else, in my sewing room. I will start bringing one at the time, into daylight. This is the first one:

I am not going to tell you when I started this one. For those of you who have been quilting for a while, might recognise the fabric.
I just loved the idea of pre-cut fabric and the sets of colours. Did I need them? No. But I just had to hvae them, LOL. During the years that are gone since I started this, I have had several ideas of the results. I think I will go for the last one. You wait and see. I will tell you later in my progress, of reaching my goal for this quilt.

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Anonymous said...

Nina, thank you for the nice comments on my blog. It's early morning (I'm up preparing salads for Thanksgiving dinner) and I had to come see yours. I can soooooooo relate to the squares! lol I have a bunch too and I "just had to have them" so hoping to get something done with them during this challenge. I'll be back to visit some more.