Sunday, November 12, 2006

I am not crazy!
(Picture is stolen from Quiltegården internet shop where I bought the quilt)
I am just half way there. I loved this quilt. I just had to order it. At the time when I did order it, there was no price listed. (They did not know the total price yet, since they did not have all the fabric in stock) If there were stated a price I would have imagine it was big (64"x71"), and maybe I hadn't ordered it. Who knows? I am just a little bit crazy, and I just had to have it.... And in the meantime I have forgotten all about it. I received a note in the mailbox saying I needed to com to the post office to pick up a parcel. I saw who the sender was and I thought: Hmmmm, what could this be? I jumped in the car and got the big parcel safe home. During the weekend I've tried to hide this from my husband. He is aware of my sickness (read crazy) but this would be the last nail in the coffin. It is not easy to hide all this fabric when it is hung out to dry after washing it..... ! Oh, it is old.....and it is soon Christmas.....I am trying to tidy my sewing room.....I need some red and white fabric for something that I do work on..... A lot of explanations.I feel a little bit stupid. I know what he will say: Why cant you finish some of the projects you already have started. When will you finish them? Bla Bla Bla...... Well, I not dead, yet. And all my projects they are "WISP's" (Work in slow progress). OK, some are stuffing to keep the chilly weather on the outside.This new project is fun now when we are approaching Christmas. It will not be that fun in May or June. So, I need to do this now.


May Britt said...

This is such a lovely quilt. I wanted to order it too, but I did not......yet.

Angie said...

What a beautiful quilt that will be! LOL I've tried all of those "explanations" at time or two myself. ROFL

abeautifulcraft said...

This is a lovely quilt. I had a giggle at you trying to keep the quilt contents hidden from your hubby! LOL

monika said...

Heia Nina :-)
Ja denne var flott - har sett ein Samme Quilt godt påbegynt i oslo.
Hadde tenkt å kjøpte mønstra - men dei var utsolg - ser dei er utsolg i tronheim også :-(
Lykke til - eg gleder meg til å se resultatet.
Quilteklemmer fra monika i eidsdal