Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Status Giveaway ond other work

One week has gone after I posted my anniversary and the appurtenant giveaway.

I got 19 comments so far. I am so thrilled. A couple of more entries and the numbers of winning prizes will increase.
If this continue during the next weeks there will be some nice goodies going to some happy winners next month. I am amused by the variety of choices among the ladies who has entered. That is so inspiring.

Keep coming forward. I love preparing presents.

In the meantime while I wait for the drawing to approach, I am onto some stitching.
My Kaffe Fasett top is completed and is handed in to be quilted at Kaktus Quilts. Can’t wait to get I back.

I have also prepared some small bags for a fabric swap, just like candy,

the block-lottery blocks in connection with Vestlandstreffet are complete,

(picture coming tonight, I hope)
a block-swap-quilt has been quilted, and it is in the need for binding,
(tell you all next time)

and a stitchery motif is almost completed (future surprise, cant show you...).


Anonymous said...

You are a busy girl.

Anna said...

Hej, jag har länkat till din giveaway här: