Saturday, October 11, 2008

6 months are gone
since the last time I blogged.
I don’t know where they are gone. Bu they sure are gone.
You have not been forgotten, but time has been to short.
My life has been busy; a new job, new cabin and new quilts.

My new job has given me more than I ever could imagine. It has sure given me a lot of new things to figure out, a big amount of new friends, and a lot of fun. I enjoy every day.

The cabin is our new hideout. It has been a summer of hard work, and it has given us a kind of new energy. Could you imagine me working the chain saw and copping wood? (It is hard work to prevent me from freezing during the winter.)
I have even made my own garden of vegetables. I am not going to tell you all how good it went. But I’ve sure learned a lot :o)
That’s been me this summer.

And in between, when the weather was to bad. I would dive into my piles of fabric witch I bring back and from the cabin. (I’m not aloud to make a mess in the cabin as I do in my studio back home. :o)
I’ve been working on a couple of quilts this summer. Two done! It’s been a challenge I found in Hanne’s blog early this summer. I am proud to present to you

“My blue sky”
Lap quilt

“Garden of summer”

Tablecloth and placemats for the garden table.
Yes it is a big table :o)

There are one more in progress. I’ll get back to you on another occasion.

The last weekend we had “The gathering” of the autumn; Vestlandstreffet.
This year it was Rogaland Quiltelag who arranged it.

We were 160 ladies gathered, 10-12 shops participated with a lot of nice stuff, 10 courses were fulfilled, resulting in a lot of joy. It was a well done gathering. A lot of work, but it sure was fun.
I hope all of the ladies who came to our gathering enjoyed it.

Our Quilt society had our own “shop” at the gathering. In the shop patterns, kits, pins, buttons, tickets for the lottery and we even had a quiz. The patterns and kits we sold were designed from one of our members. She is absolutely amazing. I am not going to list all of her work here, but one of her designs was a “Viking helmet” witch we had made into pincushions and Stitchery.
I’ve done the Stitchery and combined it with the fabric from the table cloth kit. This will be my wall hanging to keep all my quilting buttons in a safe pace.

As you can see I am collecting them. And do you have one in spare I’ll be more then happy to swap with you.

It is sure a pleasure to be back in bloggland. I’ll do my best to keep posting on a regularly basis.