Thursday, August 30, 2007

My life is busy. The time I got “in spare” I really want to use sewing.
I just resigned my job, and said “Yes, Thank you” to another one. Meaning fulltime work and fulltime pay! And as that weren’t enough, I have signed up for a course at the University. (Help!). And my new job sends me to Brighton on the 10. September for 2 weeks.
And I do have a lot of projects started, and I need to finish some of them. Not all, there aren’t time enough. But there will be not disappointments. I keep my promises.
I also realised I just had one year anniversary blogging! Now I need to think if this is something I want to keep up doing. I can’t keep posting every week. And the comments I receive tells me not to many people visit my blog (?).

If you do visit this blog, pls leave a comment.
Do you want me to continue blogging?

Friday, August 24, 2007

Ati's DYB
Oh! My life is busy. Almost forgot to tell you my of my work on
Ati's DYB. Her theme was Chinese Tea! Challenging! I made my tribute in a teapot, decorated with a "Chinese house". I stitched the word Tea in 3 languages, two in Chinese. I decorated it with stitches and beads.

She gives you a better picture then I do. You'll also get nice pictures of the other blocks in this DYB. Go and have a look.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Around the Block
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I am bringing this button to the surface.

Susan usually tells me to renew this post. This time I wanted to be upfront (should have done it several times since last time), but times flies and my mind is occupied with "everything else".

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Package form Keepsake quilting
I picked up my parcel at the post office, and left this world into my own little quilting world. ;o)

Books, I love books. They give me a lot of pleasure. I enjoy the text and pictures. I imagine my own fabric used in the projects, and dream of new stash. It is funny how I “sew” a lot of nice quilts in my mind.

And I got the next two kits, in the series of 4, from McKenny Ryan. I love her style. These are meant to be on the kitchen wall in our new cabin. I have open the first two kit and cut out the pieces. No rush. Kitchen is not ready yet.

… … and I do have other obligations to see to first!
Baggie from Carmela

I got it. And I got confirmed my story of the content. It contained gorgeous fabric. Look at the delicious colours.
Take a closer look at the green one. It is already embellished!
There were also a beautiful selection of lace, I believe some of them are crochet by Carmela her self, and a handful of selected sequins chosen especially for me. I love them. I love the whole content. Now I just need more time to sew!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Look out! Baggie is on its way!

Yesterday I called the customs. I do not know how many times my call were transferred, but I am not far out saying at least 5 times. Grrr….
Anyway, I told my story of what I could imagine were inside the package. Crazy quilting is not a common hobby in Norway.
The last lady I talked to, the one actually holding my baggie, she understood when I said: imagine you tidying up your grandmas sewing box, and this is all the stuff you would say is rubbish, is for me is a treasure.
She could imagine, and now the baggie is on its way again, in my direction. ;o)

... … on the same time there were a note in the mail telling me there is a parcel at the post office for me to pick up… … from Keepsake Quilting... ... I have to wait until today to pick it up.
I know what’s inside and I am so excited. Almost like Christmas!
Yes, I can never get enough. And now the US dollar is soooo “cheap” it is an excuse for shopping… …

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bright Fantasy Flowers
… … …On black fabric - swap.

These are some of the flowers I’ve made and sent to my swap partners. These were fun to do. I have appliqué them in the car on our way to the cabin this summer (not on the way back home, cause my hands were always dirty).
I love them. I have even made more then needed. Gonna keep them as company for the other flowers who will enter my mailbox in the upcoming weeks.
Hoping this will turn out as a nice quilt. Not knowing how, yet … …
Baggie form Carmela
The baggie of goodies from Carmela is stopped by the customs. :o(
Today I got a letter from the Norwegian customs saying they need to see a receipt for the ordered goods. The label tells them it contains fabric and sewing supplies.
I assume it is samples, cut of pieces, odds and ends, just small treasures we crazy quilter use, like all the other baggies I have swapped during 2007. This is a gift!
I need to call them tomorrow, trying to persuade them to understand.
Sorry to say, I am not to optimistic.
I’ll keep you posted.

Baggie from Maire
Look what I got. And it only took 5 days to get to me!
And now I have found the time to open and enjoy it.

A big Thank You to Maire!
It contained a big piece of lace-fabric and a beautiful silk print,that is soooo adorable.
Look at al the yummy thread and ribbon. Maire told me it is from 'hand-dyed fibres'. Lucky me!
Have you spotted the flower beaded lace? I need to add such for my Christmas wish list :o)
And the fancy beads! Oh I look forward to use them.
Last, but not least: the stationary and postcards. Glenn just had to become owner of half the amount of pencils and stickers.

Thanks a lot!