Wednesday, April 22, 2009

First one done.
This one belongs to Kirsten. It was a beautiful stripe, simple and clean, in blue and white fabric. It is a brilliant idea. I am sorry for not thinking about it myself.
I have done my contribution to this RBR. I found this round easy to do since there where nobody that have “used all my ideas”. The difficult part is to get it the right size. I am not allowed to show you my work. It is supposed to be secret until the project is back at home to its owner, but the “startstripe” is no secret :o) But so far there has not been published a picture by thr owner yet, therefore I do not want to be the "messenger".

Now I just have to send it along to the next lady (will do tomorrow), and wait for a new RBR-challenge to enter my mailbox
( yesterday it did ).

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This month I’ve completed 2 UFO’s so far, “Houses from Helsinki” and the "Flower Swap”. Not into separate quilts, but into one combined quilt.
“Houses form Helsinki” were my winning from the block lottery at Nordic quilt gathering in Helsinki in 2006. The block’s are mostly made by ladies from Finland.
“Flower swap” are blocs from a swap hosted at “Stoffbytteklubben”.
I assume some of the participants who has contributed to make this quilt, are to be found here in blog land. You girls may recognize your own work. If you do, give me a shout. In the meantime I’ll search for the names; I do know I have them somewhere.

Eggs for Easter

Why eggs? I remember it’s got something to do with the hen, all the nice chickens, and a little bit about new life being brought to life. Why, it is not important.
But eggs are not practical.
Some years ago we had a campervan. We would hit the road at every chance we got. Easter usually was a nice opportunity to go shopping in Sweden. Information to those of you who don’t know; I live on the west side of the country and Sweden being on the east side. Problem is the road connecting east to the west is not a straight line. It is ups and downs, rights and lefts.
Now you get it. Eggs won’t stay where you put them. They always roll around ending up like disasters, with all the sweets spread all over the entire floor. Therefore I made Easter bags for the children. And the Easter bunny has brought along these goodie bags ever since.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Giveaways in Bloggland
Nancy is having a great giveaway. She has been so lucky in the pats she is shearing with the rest of us. Isn't she nice. These cute bottelcovers are changing hands tomorrow. Pop around at Nancy’s blog and follow her directions to enter.

Another giveaway at PigTale & Quilts; 30 fat quarters. Pop aroud to do comments.

Who is to deside who is the most generous lady in blogland? Not me. But I can see there are lots of ladies entering these giveaways. I'm not the only one hoping to be lucky.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter greetings to you all.

We, my family and I, are spending the holydays at the cabin. Nice quality time together. Preparing and eating nice food, bake, watch TV, play cards. Do family stuff :o)

Easter is the so called "quiet week", but we do have some work to do in the garden as well. Not necessarily noisy work, but some of the days are not that “red” on the calendar and we used the opportunity to use the spade, motor saw, mill, ax and woodchopper.
These are preparations for next weekend. Saturday there will be a caterpillar in the garden. We need some help to tame the water flow and keep the soil where it is supposed to be. Afterword it is time to think about my vegetables.

When the days have been too “red and quiet” I have attended my sewing. I have to admit I’ve used the machine. I just had to…..Sorry about that.

The result is 2 finishes! I have combined 2 separate projects into one.
As soon as I figure out how to connect camera to computer I’ll show you all the result. In the mean time I’ll try to be silent with my stitchery or fabric cutting.

Easter greetings form me

Monday, April 06, 2009

Jelly roll giveaway
By the way - Green fairy quilts is having a giveaway at her blog - the most lovely moda jelly roll.
Get over there, have a look and participate by commenting.
...or then again not ....... the jelly roll is to be mine .......LOL

20 anniversary challenge.

2009 is the year when Rogaland Quiltelag will celebrate our 20 year's anniversary.
Hipp Hipp Hurra!

The RQL-board wanted to do something special and invited every member to a challenge. A small piece of red fabric were handed out to all of us together with a informing letter.

The challenge is to make a quilt (or anything at all made of fabric) where this red fabric is recognizable at our meeting in October.

This should be easy. Such a lovely fabric. I have started my contribution. I am not going to tell you until later what this’ll be, but I believe some of you recognize the flower.