Monday, March 30, 2009

RowByRowA new challenge. I love these challenges.
This is my first row. It is a white romantic fence on a blue background.

Close up.

Mari started this challenge at Quilt i Norge. After one year (11 laps) There will 12 Rows in total, and I will have to do the assembling my self. In these laps I am going to make a row who match to all the other participants raw*s in their choice of colour and theme. It is going to be a challenge. I have seen some of the participants 1.row.
I’ll keep you all informed during the process thou out the year, but no pictures of my appurtenant row.
I hope for a romantic, in the garden, at the cabin, by the sea, lap quilt.
In one year I’ll know.....

Thursday, March 26, 2009


In my search for another picture I found this one. “Joy” is completed and has become friends with “Love” and “Merry”. Now they are 3, waiting on number 4.

It is less then a week for launch of the next pattern in Gail’s Chrismas BOM.
These are so much fun to do. Now I’ve started counting days until her next launch.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Norwegian valley of flowers
I look around in Bloggland and see there are some of the panels, who are being published, and I think to myself; do I have a proper picture of my contribution to the competition? I need to dive into my computer and see if I got a nice picture of it. I want to show you my “Growing Ideas”.
I have seen some of the beautiful panels. Wish I were at the annual meeting to see them all. Unfortunately I could not. Anyway, it has been an exciting weekend, not knowing either how many contributions to the competition, or if mine where one of the chosen ones to go to Birmingham.
Anybody out there who knows?
In the mean time I’ll go searching for a picture…..

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hotel rooms are nice :o)

When you arrive they are so clean and tidy. The bed is done and there are no clothes lying around. No kitchen to tidy, no family to feed, no laundry, no dog to walk. I could go on forever :o)

Anyway, when I get the opportunity I spend some productive hours on my own. I do enjoy an evening or two in a hotel room.

This time I brought along two of my UFO’s
Then I combined them into one.
Now it is handed in to be quilted.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stitchery sampler

I love to do needlework. I always have. I have made a lot of pictures and Christmas ornaments doing cross-stitching. I found it very relaxing. Counting and see the motives grow. During those years of fine needlework I came to the conclusion I could not do French knots. No matter how hard I tried. To solve the problem when it occurred: My mom did them for me.

This could not go on forever. So I signed up for an embroidery class. The whole weekend I practice doing French knots, and I managed to do them.
Well I did not only do the knots. This is the sampler I started on to document what I learned. Now 2 years later I finally came around to complete it.
I am so proud. It is now on the wall in my sewing room.

All my harts are done

Just could not stop. My intentions were to get a head start. I prepared some blocks ant thought they would be nice as “on the go” projects.
And yes, they were :o)
I love to sew hearts. They were so quick and easy to do. Suddenly I had a big pile of heats. All my 10 swap sets thru out 2009 are done, and some extra (128 in total). I want my quilt to be bigger than the set measurements. I hope there are some of the other swappers with the same thought.

First set has changed owners. I just handed in mine, unfortunately I did not have the time to stay around, and therefore I do not have my first 8 swapped heat blocs in my possessions.
….Not yet.
Meanwhile,I got plenty of other exiting projects to attend to.