Tuesday, June 26, 2007

½ on ½
I 2006 I participated in a ½ on ½ swap. It was my fist crazy quilt swap. Actually it was my fist international swap. And there has been several after this one.

This swap I did not know what I signed up to, but I loved the challenge.
I made one block of each color combination aloud (4).

Black - White
Pink – Purple
Yellow – Green and
Red – Blue

Then I received 4 blocks to embellish. Wow. How fun. I loved it!

After a lot of waiting I received 4 blocks back home. 3 of them were original mine, but the Red-Blue one were swapped in this pink-purple.

We were not told we would get “our own” blocks back, but if the lady who made this lovely block (Renea Aldrich, WA) got my Red and Blue, I would suggest a swap?

If there is anybody out there with any information on this, please give me some feedback. I will not assembly my blocks into a quilt this year….

Baby Boy (no 2)
My DH’s DD gave birth to our GS. :o)
This makes me a “grandmother”. Not for real, it is not my daughter, but I love them all.
Glenn has become an Uncle. He is so proud. He is even making a quilt to Adrian (Baby Boy’s name).

This is the quilt I made for the little boy. I knew it up front it was to be a boy; therefore I made this one too in the shades of blue.
Hope he will treasure it, and use it.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cobi’s DYB
Next round of the DYB is completed. Cobi had chosen purple and beige color combination with a touch of olive? Anyway I loved the colors but where terrified about the theme: Jugendstil (Art nouveau). Oh, my god. How do I handle this?
I jumped the internet, searching for pictures to help me sort this challenge. The information I gathered were impossible to transfer into stitches.
After a week or two I dared to start stitching.

If Cobi agree with my outcome of this challenge, I do not know yet, but I hope she will give me some feedback on this. I loved to stitch in these tones of color and was pretty satisfied with the result.
I do look forward to see the outcome of this project. The story tells me it’s going to be “something” nice.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wilma’s DYB
It is better late than never.
I finally came around to do Wilma’s block. She had chosen the theme Jeanne d’Arc. I found it very difficult. I looked through several books and internet sites for inspiration.
I found out a lot about that lady. How interesting. Question is: how should I solve this one?
I love Wilma’s choice of color, so tender and delight. Think about it: Opposite of Jeanne or not?

The 30.may is the memorial day of Jeanne d’Arc. I stitched it on the block, together with a ribbon and some beads. I also decorated the block with some “ordinary” stitches, buttons, sequins and beads. I even made a “flower” of organza ribbon and decorated it.