Thursday, July 26, 2007

Precious Petals postcards

I have received 3 out of 4 so far. They are just so delicious!
They are from:
Aynsley, Elizabeth and Lorri

I saw this swap at the “Surface Design Group” on the internet. I is a great Yahoo group that do a lot of experimenting on fabric. And of course I have to participate in some of them.

Mine were made by using stiff interfacing, like the one we use when making bowls. (glue on both sides) Then I added light fabric, then fusible web. Now the fun part: arranging the flowers. The flowers are pressed/dried in a book with kitchen tissue. (Old fashioned, and time consuming. I know).
To keep the flowers in right position I used organza ribbon. Ironed and stitched the ribbon to make sure the flowers stayed in place. Then I ironed the fabric on the back side and used a waterproof pen to make it look and function as a postcard.
I have not asked if they were OK when they arrived in the mailbox to the recipients. My cards were sent open, not in envelopes. I think this is half of the fun.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My set of postcard left Norway some while ago. I thought I would not show them to all of you before the participants of this swap had an opportunity to receive them first.
This swap was fun to do, even though I ruined a lot of flowers and postcards before I was satisfied with the result. It is “real” flowers in these cards.
Helina’s DYB

My first thought: This one is going to be easy. I love the purple colour, and the theme she choose, would not cause to much difficulties.
My second thought: How do I solve this without ruin the block.
All of her blocks contained a butterfly or two. I just had to continue that style.
And flowers, lots of flowers, I love them as well. Therefore I added some in different styles.
I hope she like my stitching. I serially love her set of DYB’s.
I am looking forward to see her result.