Monday, June 29, 2009


Oh my God

Not just one award, I got 2 !

First on came from Lappedamen.

Second on came from Rita

Aren’t they just lovely. I’ll keep them as jewellery on my blog.
Thank you girls. I found my self a bit childish, receiving these awards made me smile. It makes me a bit soft when girls out there appreciate my blogging. Makes me wanting to continue.

Now I just have to figure out who I would pass these award on to......

"Special visitor blog" I can give to innumerous of bloggers and

"With friendship this rose" are to go to 8 bloggers.

And the nominies are:


......I'll need to get back to you on this.

Anyway, feel free to pick them up if you happen to pas by.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ellinors Quilt

I promised you a finish. And now I finally found the time to present it to you.

The quilt is for the “unwrapped” little girl, and if the weather should turn, and become cold, they can wrap her into this pink baby-quilt.
In the meantime when she is growing, practising on crawling; it is a great groundsheet at the starting line.

179 days to go

And plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful package of nice Christmas fabric, if I were the lucky lady to win.
Quilt Qua have a great give away, pop over and join in…I just did.

Imagine these great fabrics in combination with the stitchery patterns from previously post (done in green)

I Wish.....

Friday, June 26, 2009

Congratulation on a brilliant design.

and a giweaway to celebrate.

The design is just adorable, it hit my heart where I'm most vulnerable. Did you know it is (I am counting) 182 days until Christmas? It would be plenty of time if the pattern ended in my hands. Go have a look at Helen's over at Hugs'n Kisses and tell her I sent you (as if it helps...)
It is not my luck to win, but I am happy on the behalf of the lady who do.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Baby quilt in progress.
It is funny how new project develop. Enthusiasm is the word….

During my stay in Gothenburg I bought some magazines (ref post from Mai 30.). In one of those magazines I fell in love with some stitchery motifs. To go along with them I popped by Signes provisional shop at the NQT (need to think to remember the shops name). There I found the lovely hand dyed embroidery yarn I was looking for. I purchased the last bundle of pink thread.
After stitching these 6 lovely motives there were only 25 centimeters left from the bundle. That makes me a lucky and happy girl. It would have been so annoying to run out of threads so close to my goal.

Now these cute pieces of handcraft are being implemented in the girly baby quilt, which is growing and growing.
Next time I find a spear moment to blog, ......I might have a finish to present. Stay tune.

Happy quilting.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hurray! A baby girl !

Do I make a crib quilt to all the babies born in my circle of friends? No I don’t. Just to those who are special to me, well they all are.
Even so, for the last years it’s been boys, boys and more boys. They are all separate big miracles, but this time they “unwrapped” a small baby girl (my DH’s way of saying she was came into this world by C-section).

I smiled all over my face, happy for the new parents and their family, and probably most of all, looking forward to make a girly quilt. I just could not wait, I jumpstarted the project right away. It will be in Pink.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

We can all make a difference
I bought 3 small packages at NQT.

It is this week’s contribution to do a difference.

Not just in the “pink” direction, but for all good causes, big or small. This time I chose Pink. Well, the ladies from Denmark representing, made my choice easy. I got bit by the basil, when I met the Danish girls.
I did my bit to their contribution on the fight against breast cancer. And it was fun to do too.

Now they are on their way to Denmark. Hoping to be used in an extraordinary quilt, which will be bought by someone special.