Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Another Round Robin
I just can’t get enough!
I’ve signed up for another Round Robin. “Ordinary” Round Robin? Not a crazy one this time….

I love the idea of RR. It is always nice to se results of RR’s. They are always beautiful. And I do want to own one myself. Then I have to participate.

I entered, and in the same minute, my head went empty. No ideas, what so ever. Empty!

In order to get an idea I went to the local quilt shop:
I got a small idea of some butterflies and a big pile of fabric.

1 million thanks
for the lovely letter that came to my son. He was trilled.

(He received a heart with a nice dragonfly in the air, a fish in the lake, several flowers and straws by the lake, a tree and a butterfly. The heart is beautiful!
The envelope also contained a sticker-book.)

Glenn André is 8 ½ years old and wants to be an artist. He loved my heart that I received from Maureen so much that I almost had to let it go….

Now he got his own heart from Maureen. He is working on an idea for me to make him a quilt with the heart.

“Never ever before have I received anything this nice in the mailbox. Who is she?” Glenn is wondering.
And he is so proud of it; he shows it to his entire friends.
“It is from Australia!”

Thanks for your caring love to the opposite of the world. You made us both very happy.

Nina in Norway

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Monday, September 11, 2006

Santa is out of business.
I’m gone rely on the mailman.

Mailbox is in shock and so am I. Never ever before has it been so full of goodies.

My heart came home!

Thanks to everyone ho has participated. I just keep steering at it. It is lovely. I am looking forward to frame it and put it on the wall.
And a special thanks to May Britt, who started this Round Robin.

Hearts and goodies

4 hearts arrived safe in Norway.
Thanks to
Margareth (Victoria, USA), Beverly (Kentucky, USA) Linda (NY, USA) and Hideko (Japan) for such stunning hearts. And all the extras you sent. Just can’t wait to start using it.

Thanks to Antoinette for the lovely beads you sent. They are heavier than I expected, therefore I believe they are stones.

Before the mailman came around, I went shopping for some yarn. My son (8 ½) needs a new home knitted wool sweater. When I came home I realised I had to finish a pair of socks first. The minute they were ready Johnny (18) said: “Mine!” And he has almost worn them since.

It is always nice when people around you appreciate the work you are doing.

Friday, September 08, 2006


I have entered a pearl Swap. I am not sure about this.
We were to send pearls for 5$ to our swapping friend.
If I by pearls for the amount of 5$ in Norway I almost get nothing. I bought pearls for 5 times that amount and still I feel it is to little. But now it is sent. This is what I Got for my secret friend.

Nr. 3 ferdig

Oh I love it when something is done. These Christmas decorations have bothered me for years. Every time I put something inside them they were hanging like old rugs. Oh I hated that.
I’ve told my self to undo them, and quilt them before Christmas for so many years now. Finaly I’ve come around to do so. Thanks to this competition to do UFO’s.
Now I’m looking forward to decorate for Christmas. It will be a pleasure to put stuff inside these now. In December there will be 5 Stockings on the wall. All of the same quality

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Second one done
in my attempt to get 25 projects done by the end of October.
This is also a reversible quilt.
I attended a course witch were held at Varatun Gård in Sandnes. The Instructor, Nancy Eriksen, knows that there is a lot of decoration missing on this one (if it is supposed to be like her model). I didn’t want to appliqué on my quilt since I don’t want it to be a Wall hanging.

On the back side of the quilt I used fabric that I didn’t like. I just had receved some fabric I knew I would not use on a top. I didn’t know they were brand-new and expensive. I just didn’t like them at the moment.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

One UFO done!

Finally I’ve come this fare to say 1 done.
It took some time but I have worked on/quilted several projects to save up some needlework I could bring along when I leave the house.

These were finished yesterday. Some years ago I made a quilt in reversible quilting. I even had some classes in the way of doing it, and therefore I had some bits and pieces. Now they are put into 2 sets of potholders. Both sets are Yellow and purple.

Tomorrow there will be another Ufo finished…

Friday, September 01, 2006

Home is…..

I just finished embroidering/embellishing a small picture. Well it is not finished yet, but now there is a new challenge: The frame.

All the small knots are pearls. I don’t know if it was a smart ting to do, but I just had to.
This is one of the projects I’ve signed up for the UFO-challenge at Desire’s Lappeteknikk