Wednesday, April 18, 2007

2. baggies

left my house a week ago. It is for my two swap-sisters outside Norway. One goes to US and the other one to Israel. (Maire in US e-mailed me yesterday saying she received it already and that she loved it)

I love swapping. And I wish I had more time to sew. There is so much I want to do!
Susies DYB

This is how it turned out. I knew I had a broche with angels somewhere. And I found it, and used it!
Along with some nice silk thread and silk ribbons, I added some pearls. I h6*e Susie like my contribute.

Another butterfly came around. Isn’t it gorgeous!
I have participated in a postcard swap, and this is one of the two I will receive. I love it. It makes me longing towards summer. Thank you, Janne.
Round Robin last lap

Why mushrooms? Well, why not. Either you love them, or you hate them. I love their color, shape and taste. But this one seemed a little bit difficult. And then again I love a challenge.
This Round Robin had given me a lot of new concerns. None of them has been symmetric. (Mine neither) I wonder why? My idea about this issue is, I think I have entered a group of quilters who don’t look at themselves as ordinary quilters. (Meaning no harm). We are all individuals and we are all special. The work that arrived in my mailbox, who is from this group, is nice, tidy and of high quality. Each and every one has given me a feeling of being incompetent. Or in another way of saying: What can I do to keep up the nice work and beautiful choice of colors? And that is the words I hear from others in the group as well. Or any group as the fact. Why can’t we be proud of our work? And say it out loud!
I am proud of my contribute to this nice piece of work!
Now I have sent it to its owner, Berit, and I do look forward to see what she makes of it. I feel I am a part of it.

My butterflies will be home soon. I know they are on their way.

Susie’s DYB arrived.

Last Saturday Susie’s DYB arrived at my place. Usually I say arrived safely, but this time they did not. The fist thing I saw was the plastic envelope they use in the postal service when something is damaged. (I know after 15 years of serving in the postal system.)
Inside were the damaged envelope and the plastic bag Susie used to protect her blocks. It looked like it’s been tewed by a dinosaur and spitted out again. Then I grabbed the blocks, counted them, and was relived all 6 of them had made it. Next step was to see if there were any damages to the blocks. Luckily it seemed they made it thru the terrifying experience of postal service. I was relived, but not for long.

Oh no! Then I realized there were no paperwork or any instruction. No journal along with the blocks. The guidelines told us to make one, and therefore I expected one.
Well it was missing. I’ve been on the e-mail to Susie and told her what has happened. I hope she will mail me a new one.

I love her blocks. They are delicious. Nice and calm. Her choices of color are warm and comforting. And her idea of theme is angles. I love the romantic shade of color and theme.
But before I get started I need to do some other stuff that I got on my “need to do” list.

This is the block I choose.