Saturday, January 31, 2009


Honey Bee Blocklottery from Hell

(A small comunity outside Trondhjem is named Hell.)

During the yearly gathering of Norwegian Quilt society. There is always a block lottery. I am just the type of woman who cant resist. " years ago it were held at Hell, and this time I were one of the winners. Lucky me :o)

I want to send greetings to all the ladies who has contributed to this quilt:

Lise Smith - Porsgrunn

Elin M. W. Skogly - Darbu

Anne Lise Strøm - Mosjøen

Jonne Svendsen - Midsund

Irmelin Watnedal - Bergen

Kristin Kristoffersen - Gjerdrum

Reidun Sexe - Town unknown and

Bente K. Jørgensen - Town unknown

If anybody knows these ladies, pls let them know I have finally finished the quilt. Unfortunally I'll not be at this years gathering at Olavsgaard to show you the result. (I am going to Nordic gathering in Gothenburg instead)

Thank you all for a lovely Quilt.


Rita Tjelta said...

Nå er jeg stolt av deg, tenk du fikk ordna sidebaren tilslutt :))
Du vet, alt ordner seg for snille piker LOL!!
Teppet er som alltid bare nydeligt.
Ha en fin dag imorgen *klem*

Anonymous said...

That's a wonderful quilt. The colors are terrific and so cheerful.