Monday, May 11, 2009

I routed my day so I could pop by my favourite quilt store last Friday. There were actually a reason for doing so, but as soon as I got there, it slipped my mind.
Kaktus Quilt was having a SALE. There were ladies in a longish queue.
Fabric at 10 NOK each meter is unbelievable. That would be something like 1.5 US$. Compared to ordinary Norwegian prizes at approximately 200 NOK pr meter ( 35 US$ ! ). This sale was next to give away.
I ended up with a pile of fabric. It was so cheap and fun it was an easy thing to; by the rest of the blot. This resulted in a buy of several meters, but who is counting? Hopefully they come in handy some day.

Greetings to Liz and Rita:
Thanks for the fun.

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