Saturday, May 23, 2009

NQT weekend
Finally I’ve figure how to work the combination: computer and internet here in Gothenburg.
…..It isn’t easy being stupid :o)

I thought I were “not allowed to show you pictures” from the exhibitions. Therefore I am not going to show you, I’ll just send you off to May Britt’s blog. She is more into the rules than I am. Go and have a look at her blog. She got pictures of the winners of the competition.
Congratulations to the winners. Their work is absolutely stunning.
Anyway, I have enjoyed some beautiful days here in Gothenburg, such lovely ladies, beautiful quilts, stunning shops and great friendships, and then continuously a beautiful town, more friendships, shopping, discourses and workshops. I could go on forever.
As soon as I get all my pictures form this weekend into my computer I’ll show you pictures of “all my other experiences” thru the last couple of days.
I’ll bring you ceremonies, presentations, courses, exhibitions (if I am allowed), happenings, friends and a visit to the Botanic garden.
It has been a great weekend. Now I need some sleep for the journey back home. I got some hours of traveling before I get home. (I’ll keep my camera ready to go if I need it this time)
I’ll give you more pictures from my extraordinary weekend next week.

So long; love you all.


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