Saturday, May 23, 2009

Beautiful scenery

Tonight I’ve traveled the south of Norway. I have spent almost 6 hours going from Klepp at Jæren to Sandefjord. It is the most beautiful trip I have done on my own. What an experience.
I’ve been driving during the night. I started at 0100 and have driven approximately 60 kilometer. There were almost no other cars in sight. A lorry now and then, but is has been a quiet trip.
Even thou it is night and people are sleeping, nature is not. I have seen some spectacular sights this night. Unfortunally my camera were not available and loaded with batteries and memory card, but my hard disc (read brain) were up and running.
I’ll try to picture it for you:
Deer is not asleep during the night. They are out there feeding. Half way on my trip I lost control of counting them. There were too many. Deer’s are pretty common in Norway, but the amount I’ve seen this night is unbelievable. On two of the occasion’s, one were standing in the middle of the road. The first on ran into the forest immediately as I came along, but the second one did not. It was just standing there; looking at me. I stopped the car. I could not hut it in any way. It was big, standing there in front of my car. I believe we were steering at each other for some seconds before it walked into the green and disappeared. What a strange feeling.
It had been a calm, curious and quiet meeting for both of us.
And I’ve seen an eagle. It is a mighty sight. The bird was big and elegant, landing in a treetop next to me. Luckily I had stopped, to look at the beautiful surroundings at a bus stop in nowhere land.
Somewhere between 4 and 5 this morning the sun raised over the treetops. The fog was lying like quilts over the waters, rising softly to the sky. The light from the sun sparkled in the billions small water drops in the forest. Sometimes it looked like angels were coming down to earth.
Approximately 50 gees lifted from a field and flew low and crossed the road. I had to slow down not to drive into them. My husband would scream “Shoot!” since he is a hunter. To me it was a spectacular sight.
My trip to Stockholm was just amazing. Wish there were somebody there to shear it with.
Well I just tried to picture it for you. Hopefully you enjoyed it.

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Laila said...

Det er ikkje trong for fotografi, når du kan beskrive det du ser på denne måten. Takk for "titten".