Friday, February 08, 2008

WISP no 4 is done.

A couple of days ago I picked up another one of my “almost completed” projects. I sometime wonder why I put them aside when they were almost done. I did not remember why on this one. Well, after a second or two I remembered…..
Why can’t I be so smart, that I at least undo the mistakes, before putting away an irritating project?
Anyway, now I have been a good girl, rearranged this one, and ticked it of on my to do list.

This is a table cloth that I am going to put under the coffee machine in the cabin. You see, every time I try to move the machine, it kind of “jumps” and make a mess. Now I can put it smoothly aside.
Then I made a pot-holder to match of the scraps.

Next project need to be in another colour than brown…..

By the way...
Here is a new photo of 2 of my new hens.


lappquri said...

Å de var flotte. Ha ei kreativ helg:-)

Susan said...

Great project, and I love the fabric. Congratulations on another finish!

Tonje said...

Kjempesøte høner.

crazyQstitcher said...

Such a lovely brown cloth and pot holder. A rich colour. Well done!