Monday, February 04, 2008

My camera
is up and running again. Yeah!

After a couple of day’s struggling to get my camera to work properly, I finally made the decision to go to the shop and complain. I’ve tried everything? Every time I tried to get the camera to focus, it just turned it self off? And if I tried to shoot without focusing, I might get lucky and get a picture, but often my capture just became black. Grrr….
I even bought a box of new batteries to make sure it was not the power who were the issue.

At the shop they switched batteries in my camera. Hmm….. Suddenly it worked properly, and the result would have to be: My new box of batteries would have been destroyed when I purchased them. I carried them home in my backpack along with my Laptop.
I was not aware of computers and cell phones do have a bad inflect on batteries. Now I know. How embarrassing.

The worst about this “issue” is we celebrated Glenn (my DS) 10. birthday. He had a great party whit 27 of his friends and schoolmates. There were 10 more that were invited but could not come.
This is the best party Glenn ever has had. We borrowed the gym at the school, and had a great time. I am sorry we do not have a pile of pictures, but I managed to get a few.

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Susan said...

Wow, I didn't know that either, about the batteries. My camera uses a lithium ion rechargeable battery, not the ones you buy at the store, and I'm trying to remember if I ever carry the camera and the laptop in the same bag. I must not. Thanks for the tip.