Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Sampler Quilt is done.
Yeah! It feels great.
It’s been a while since I joined this swap, and it’s been nagging my conscious ever since. I’m not completing such big projects. I am always telling my self to wait. I might come up with a brilliant solution on how to complete it.
This time I did :o)
It turned out great. And it became big as well. 190x230 cm (76x92 inch) In the process I picket up a pile of other boxes of fabric (swaps). It felt great to use some of the lovely fabric I have received during the last years of swapping.

Anyway, I am sorry to tell you my camera still did not work properly, and therefore handed in to the shop for repair. I accepted no funny explanations this time. The shop estimated 2 weeks before they would receive status on what might be the problem. It is not much, but I sure have missed my camera a couple of times lately.
But I’ll be back with pictures. I promise.

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Susan said...

Oh, Congratulations! I hope your camera is fixed soon, since I want to see pictures of your beautiful sampler!