Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Treasures and colours.

Last September I had two weeks in Birmingham, UK. It was two busy weeks with working class all day, and homework in the evenings, no sewing. :o( The thought were to do a lot of stitching, but there were no time for such.
Anyway I managed to have some outstanding days,

and got me an impression of the surroundings.
Here are some pictures of the lovely hotel and the belonging garden. During my stay at The Moor Hall Hotel there were arranged 5 weddings and 4 funeral arrangements.
Can’t blame them, the facilities were perfect. And we had some beautiful weather.

Food was delicious. The chef made outstanding dishes. And the wine was exquisite.

I could not have been in the Birmingham area, without a visit to the city. I had to go to the city centre. I jumped on the local train in my search for the “Bull Ring” and the famous "Rag Marked".

And I found it.

Look at these beautiful colors:

Loads of beautiful organza, available in a variety of patterns and colors, displayed in a number of stands. I just had to buy me some. The intention is to make flower PC.

And then I felt the crow inside me. Wow! Look at all the sparkling, shining stuff. The crazy quilt crow inside of me, woke up, and almost turned crazy, insane, more than usual….

Even during a visit to the pub, in order to get something to eat, my eye catches a crate of colors…..



Fiona said...

I am so glad you liked Birmingham - I grew up near to Birmingham and was a regular visitor to the Rag Market, as was my Mum and my Nan.

Shelina said...

That looks like a fabulous place to be! What fun! The condiments container was amazing.

Susan said...

What fabulous grounds that hotel has! And the market was just fabulous. I would love to be turned loose with all those laces!

Ati. Norway. said...

O, my, did you buy an extra suitcase to get all those goodies home? I would have done that :-)