Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy new year to all!

Finally I am back.
It’s been 3 moths’ sins the last time you all heard from me. I am sorry there has been no news on my blog for those of you that had popped by during this time.

But now I am back! And I do have a lot to tell you! ….
Short version:

I started a new job and went to Birmingham on a course. (Great trip. I’ll post pictures later.)
Then I was accepted at the University…..
October my DH’s grandson were Baptised. (Picture of present above)
December 5. I had my exam at the University. Theme: Management of Health, Safety and Environment.
December 6. is my birthday, witch we celebrated in our cabin.
Finally, December 21. I handed in my papers (home exam).

Then Christmas appeared !
I was kind of prepared. I had told “everybody”. I am not in the Christmas struggle this year, either for the Christmas present or all the other preparations going on. My spear time upfront for Christmas would be just for Glenn.
And I have promised my self a lot of stitching after Christmas. I got a lot of catching up to do. :o)
(..and I have started…)

I am sorry for letting you all down during my period of studying. I have now reached my goal.
The day before my exam I handed in 4 applications for a new job. The result was amazing. I got a job offer with all the 4 companies. What a week! And then it became my choice!

I have made up my mind, and will start in a new job February 1, as a QHSE engineer. My new baby will be the ISO 14001–2004 Environmental management system.
I just can’t wait!


Sigrun said...

Grattis med ny jobb Nina. Det blir vel spennende. Etterhvert får du nok tid til å sy litt også:-). Hyggelig at du er tilbake i "blogg-land". Tusen takk for hyggelig kommentar i bloggen min.

Gudveig HN said...

Dette var et lekkert teppe!
Forstår at du har hatt det travelt, håper du får tid til litt søm innimellom ny jobb o.a....
Godt nytt år, og lykke til med ny-jobben!

Susan said...

Oh, how wonderful it is to have choices! That's fabulous, Nina! It sounds like you had 3 really busy months, and now February will be busy learning new things about a new job. I hope you have time in between for some stitching!


Hei, og takk for koseleg kommentar på bloggen min! Det var eit nydleg teppe du sydde og gav vekk i dåpsgåve!

Ati. Norway. said...

Gratulerer Nina med ny jobb. Jeg har savned deg på bloggen din. Glad du er tilbake.