Monday, January 07, 2008

A challenge.
I just love challenges. The make me smile. They give me “a kick in the butt” in the right direction. Not actually in the “right” direction, but they sure help me getting started.

A couple of my Internet friends have started these UFO- or WISP-challenges. My intention was NOT to join these, but I just could not resist.

These (4) are my UFO’s to complete during January:

1.Table cloth started as a travelling project on my way to Vestlandstreffet in Førde.
(Anyone remembering witch year? Time flies...)

2. “Something brown” for the coffee machine. It all started as a study on how to do this technique.
Project at the cabin. Picture may be next week :o)

3. May be I’ll manage to get these finished upfront of Easter 2008?

Last but not least:
4. Somebody remembering these?
They are all from “The Sampler Swap” at the “Stoffbytteklubben”


Susan said...

I absolutely love those blocks in the last photo! They're going to make a wonderful quilt.

ELIN - "The quilt maiden" said...

No blei eg heilt oppøst når eg fekk sjå alle desse flotte blokkene, goshameg....Er det lenge sidan dette byttet har vore? God ide!

ELIN - "The quilt maiden" said...

Hei Nina. Eg trur eg er skuldig deg ein 30-centimeter på det Stemmer det? Kan du seie kva farge du helst av alt vil ha?

Blåbærtua said...

Hei og takk for kommentar i bloggen min.Du bor ikke så langt unna ser jeg..
Kjempefin blogg, med mange store prosjekter i. Skal følge med videre.

Shelina said...

I think it is a good idea to join a challenge to finish up all of those projects. Then when you are done, you can feel proud of your accomplishments, and work on your new projects

toja said...

Godt å komme igang me UFOer! De blokkene va flotte! Ha en fin søndag!