Saturday, October 20, 2007

I just realised I have not prioritized my blog. Well I have started on several posts but never published them. Today I just did something about it.
Scroll down and see what is new.
I’ll do my homework after I’ve done this.
I have promised both you, and myself to continue blogging.
Now my cell phone tells me to do so every week :o) I am back blogging.


Ati. Norway. said...

Hi Nina, how are you? Busy with the new job? I like the star blocks, hope you get it ready in time.

Rita said...

Hei,godt å se du er tilbake :D
Hvis du fremdeles trenger hjelp med bloggen din så er jeg på kaktus quilt idag og imorgen, onsdag.
Ellers er jeg der hver mandag.
å ja...holdt på å glemme, stitcheryen er kommet....juhuuu!!!!

Shelina said...

Welcome back Nina. Don't worry about blogging, just keep us updated whenever you feel like it.

Lizzie said...

your needlework and your cabin both look great! I'm really interested in Norway and hope to visit in '09 and learn some of the language first!