Wednesday, October 31, 2007

After one year of swapping fabric, beads, lace, thread, … know, crazy stuff …..stuff for crazy quilters……treasures….. the year comes to an end :o(
This has been a great year. I have got new, loving, caring friends, got myself a lot of new knowledge, and a big pile of goodies.
The last chapter of this event was to make our “Crazy guilt sister” a hussif.

These two are for my new “sisters”, Maire in USA and Carmela in Israel. I hope they will love them.

I certainly love the one I received from Maire. Pic will come soon I hope.....


Ati. Norway. said...

Hi Nina, your hussifs look great! your "sisters" should be very happy to receive such nice work.

Susan said...

I love what you made for your swap sister. The colors are great, and you did a beautiful job.

Charlene said...

So pretty, I'm sure your friends will be tickled pink!