Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I am picking up on Susan's advice.
Next is to get it to the sidebar…..
.....and why did it not start at 1001, or in the colors I wanted?....
OK. I have tried to get it right (thansk for your advise Ati), but there is nowere I can get the right code. This is the only one I get. And it seams impossible to get hold of any help at their site.
Second of third hmmmmrrrfffff......


Ati. Norway. said...

Hi Nina, I think you took the sample clock. You have to go in in the website to pick one that you like and paste the htlm code in your sidebar. Then it start at 0000.
I have had one but it has disappeared when I took the new blogger and now I don't matter :))

Rita said...

Heisann. koseligt å hilse på deg i RL hos Kaktus quilt. Gi ett hint når du er tilbake så skal jeg prøve å hjelpe deg så godt jeg kan med bloggen din :D :D
Kos deg!!

Susan said... Try that one. I think you have to create a login name and password, but they are free, and there are lots of choices. If you can't make it work, let me know, I'll help.