Friday, September 07, 2007

Friends with Hearts
Some days ago one friend within the quilt community here in Norway, were speaking to other quilting friends on the internet. During this chat, she became aware of “one of us” had had a heart operation. The same lady also wanted to make herself a Heart quilt in red and white.
What would a quilting friend do in a situation like this? Yes you got it right.
She sent out an e-mail to each and every one of us she had the private address to, asking if we would like to participate in this “Friends of Heart action”, and pass this email out to everybody who knows her, without disclose the secret.
Of course I wanted to join. I started immediately to make my tribute to Sigrid. We didn’t sign up. We just got ahead and did it!

The mailing date was set to August 30. (One week would be enough) The thought were to fill her mailbox with hearts without spoiling the surprise up front. My hearts for her left Thursday 30 as planned.


Susan said...

Beautiful hearts, Nina! I love both blocks. I just had to pass on a heart swap. No time. But if I had, I'd have loved doing either of these blocks. The fabrics are perfect, and I'm sure she was thrilled to get them, too.

Ati. Norway. said...

What a lovely idea!

Rita said...

Nydelige hjerter.
Hei, hyggelig å hilse på deg hos hu`Liz. Kjekt å se ansiktet bak bloggeren :D . Har foresten klart å overtale Liz til å blogge, bare se her
Ha en fin dag!!

Sigrun said...

Tusen takk for hjertene Nina, og for en overraskelse:-)). Jeg gleder meg til å bruke dem i quilten min.

Shelina said...

Nina, these are such pretty hearts - and so sweet of you to send them. I'm sure they were much appreciated and brightened her day.

Edie said...

Hi Nina!
I got our postcard this weekend-I love it! thank you so much for trading with me. I will be sending one to you tomorrow.

Rita said...

Heisann, jeg har tagget deg. Se bloggen min :D

Gudveig HN said...

Først NÅ har jeg lest i bloggen din, om bl.a hjertene til Sigrun...Kos at du også ble med ...Hilsen Gudveig HN