Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Coming home.
Finally, it seems like the baby is coming home.

Remember I told you all I had become a “granny”. The baby is now more than 3 months old, and at last the doctors believe he is fit to come home.
The boy was borne on Mai 30 (just one day early). Everything was perfect. He was and still is a lovely, good looking boy.
The first night he became cold, very cold. Result was to keep him in an incubator. They kept him there for weeks. The poor baby and his parent even had to go to another hospital in ambulance plane for some tests. It has been some terrible months. After some weeks DH’s DD was allowed to carry him around inside the hospital.
It was something wrong with his lungs. Hi should not cry! Hi might not survive.
Glenn found it funny that Adrian was connected to a remote control by cable. Even his remote car did not have a wire.
Good news is:
Now, the doctors finally are talking about sending mother and son home! May be this week!
(And the bad news is: )
Suddenly I realized we might be approaching the baptismal day very soon. It has always been my intentions to give all the newborn babies in the family a big quilt as a gift on the baptism day.

I have started on Adrian’s quilt…… …..hoping I’ll get it done before “The Day”.

The date is not settled yet……

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Ati. Norway. said...

I hope all goes well with the baby in the future. Good luck with making the quilt !