Thursday, August 02, 2007

Look out! Baggie is on its way!

Yesterday I called the customs. I do not know how many times my call were transferred, but I am not far out saying at least 5 times. Grrr….
Anyway, I told my story of what I could imagine were inside the package. Crazy quilting is not a common hobby in Norway.
The last lady I talked to, the one actually holding my baggie, she understood when I said: imagine you tidying up your grandmas sewing box, and this is all the stuff you would say is rubbish, is for me is a treasure.
She could imagine, and now the baggie is on its way again, in my direction. ;o)

... … on the same time there were a note in the mail telling me there is a parcel at the post office for me to pick up… … from Keepsake Quilting... ... I have to wait until today to pick it up.
I know what’s inside and I am so excited. Almost like Christmas!
Yes, I can never get enough. And now the US dollar is soooo “cheap” it is an excuse for shopping… …

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Susan said...

What a lot of trouble you had to go to! But good to know you'll get the package at last! I'm always careful to label mine with everything I can think of that's in it, and haven't had a problem yet. And a package from Keepsake is always nice!