Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Around the Block
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I am bringing this button to the surface.

Susan usually tells me to renew this post. This time I wanted to be upfront (should have done it several times since last time), but times flies and my mind is occupied with "everything else".


Susan said...

Perfect! It just helps those few of us who can't see your sidebar. I have no idea why we can't!

Susan said...

I think it's fixed now in the sidebar, so you are okay!

min sin lille tue said...

Hei og takk for hyggelig besøk på bloggen min.
Så mye fint du lager da:)
Jeg holder på litt med å lage kort innimellom, så det var spennende å se kortene du viser.
Ble imponert av quiltingen din:)
Ha ei fin helg.

Edie said...

Nina, I am just wondering if you still want to trade postcards. I never did hear from you... if you send me your address I would love t send a postcard to you.