Tuesday, December 12, 2006

December 13.

Finally I came around to finish my “Winter” Crazy Quilt. It took some time but now it is done. There are some details I am very pleased with. But still learning how to take close up pictures.This is so much fun. I hope I will learn more, and more, and more.....

Tonight this quilt will participate in a challenge called “The A4 challenge”.
Our quilt group has an ongoing challenge thru the whole year. And tonight it is the theme: “Winter”. A4 is the name of the size of an ordinary piece of copy paper.
I will try to do my "Christmas" ready for tonight as well, but then I need to get started.

Stay tuned. I will post pictures of the other A4's tomorrow.


Gail said...

This reminds me of the moonless night sky, in deep winter. The stars shine like 'diamonds', crisp and clear.
Nicely done.

crazyQstitcher said...

A lovely quilt block Nina. Gail is right and the stars sparkle so prettily. Maureen